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    Hello Chouby !
    I am looking for how to import products with differents langages with WP all import plugin with CSV file.
    I saw this plugin works with WPML but I am not sure it is working with Polylang.

    When I export my sample products, I see a custom taxonomies hidden called “post_translations”, ex : pll_565c49faa2f5c
    Each product has a different post_translation taxonomy but same for each language.

    I think I have to create an add-on to import this taxonomie but the problem is how to create this taxonomie because it is created automatically by your plugin ?

    Example (the difficulty for me is inside the function ‘bali_premium_posttranslation’,I have to add the imported field in the database) :

    include "rapid-addon.php";
    $bali_premium_calendars = new RapidAddon('Bali-Premium Calendars', 'bali_premium_calendars');
    $bali_premium_calendars->add_field('post_translations', 'Post Translations', 'text');
    function bali_premium_posttranslation($post_id, $data, $import_options) {
    	global $bali_premium_calendars;
    	if ($bali_premium_calendars->can_update_meta('post_translations', $import_options)) {
    		update_post_meta($post_id, 'post_translations', $data['post_translations']);

    Do you have any idea ? Maybe I can import french products first and then english products but matched with french … I don’t know)

    Is there a compatibility with Polylang ?
    Thank you so much (I have 450 products to import, so it will be very useful!)


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  • I found !!
    I just need this function :

    'en' => 43,
    'fr' => 42

    Thank you for your plugin !! It is very good !

    Hi Cloe,
    I have the same problem, could you please explain me how to solve it? how it works this function? where Do I have to paste it?

    Hello Davidoi,
    Sorry for delay.
    You just have to import your products/posts and mention the hidden taxonomy “language” for each. If you check the database or use the WP All import plugin, you can see the hidden taxonomy.
    Example :
    ID 42 -> Ordinateur -> FR (french)
    ID 43 -> Computer -> EN (english)
    Once the language is filled, you just need to get the ID of the products/posts and use the function and the products will match :
    ‘en’ => 43,
    ‘fr’ => 42
    Good luck !

    Hi Cloe,

    I’m in a similar issue and looking for a solution.
    Trying to import portfolio to wpcasa, which works fine but I have a problem with language assignment as during import it is not assigned to any language.
    My question is if You can tell me how You manage to show hidden taxonomies?
    I make a guess I should also be able to see languages but I do not and cannot find the way how to show them in my WP Import All.




    Hi Lechur

    I had similar problem when testing wp-all-import and polylang with wpcasa
    solution that worked for me at time was posted here in Wp forum but since last update of polylang to 2.09 I’m experiencing a bug and still testing solutions to it see this post.

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    Hi Cloe
    Can you please explain more detail with your solution?
    Which files you edited? Which file you added that function?
    Thank you

    Hi everyone. One more subscriber here)
    Please could you explain step by step solution how to import products and match them automaticaly (not manualy) by using WP All Import??

    @cloe-legoube, I found tutorial which has special tab for Polylang, but I could not find it in wp all import setting page. Is it possible to do as simple as it was shown in video?

    the video poster just commented 5 days ago that it was a special project for a client. =(
    wish polylang team implement this.

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    Should be implemented in polylang as default right now, it’s a really old issue, and Polylang Pro does cost just too much to have such a problem.

    In the meanwhile, I posted a solution here:

    I really hope Polylang devs will fix this problem very soon.

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    I’m trying to import posts in different languages using WP all import.
    I don’t need to link the languages because they have different content.

    How do you set the language of the post / page you want to import during the import process on WP all import ?

    (Of course I’m using Polylang)

    @pybanaszak please see my post on stackexchange.

    @stratboy StackExchange says “Page Not Found” … 🙁

    @cleuenberg hi, yes, now I see. That’s because at wordpress.stackexchange they have always been shortsighted and thick headed as cops. In fact, they are just cops, not coders.

    The original (and useful, as we all can see now) question was closed and then deleted because ‘appears to be off-topic’. And for them, off-topic means not strictly wordpress-related. Since Polylang is a wordpress plugin and thus not strictly wordpress-related (surprised? Don’t you think man?), you cannot ask polylang questions there as well as any plugin question. Sorry.

    You could, anyway, just repost your question, then link here so I can go there and repost my answer as well (since I can still see it, being the author). Then they’ll close it again, but at that point you’ll have the code available forever 🙂

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 5 months ago by stratboy.
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