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  1. duffy
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I everyone. I've installed Polyglot Plugin by SKRIKER (http://fredfred.net/skriker/index.php/polyglot).

    When switching from English to French I have this error :

    Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in d:\serveur local\easyphp1-7\www\wordpress\wp-includes\wp-l10n.php on line 74

    Also, text size is ok in English but become taller when switching to French. Text resize correctly when back ton English

    Here some infos on my configuration

    WorPress is running localy with EasyPhP
    iso-8859-1 set in WordPress
    Mo file : wp-includes/laguages/fr.mo

    polyglot.php extract :
    // Default language for text not enclosed in <lang_xx></lang_xx>
    $default_lang = 'fr';

    // Name of cookie - default:'wp_lang_pref'.$cookiehash
    $lang_pref_cookie = 'wp_lang_pref'.$cookiehash;

    // Use cruft-free URLs to view other languages? MUST ADD REWRITE RULES:
    // RewriteRule ^(.*)/xx/?$ /$1?lp_lang_view=xx [QSA]
    // above should be modified to match your other rewrite rules and added
    // for each language 'xx' you will be using.

    //this is not tested now - as I am not allowed to use mod_rewrite rules by my webhosting company
    $lang_rewrite = false;

    // Should Polyglot attempt to dynamically change the WP locale
    // setting based on user's prefered language? Note, for this to work
    // .mo files must be renamed to match the languages in use on your
    // blog. For example, de_DE.mo might become de.mo.
    $lang_change_locale = TRUE;

    //You can define your own translations of language shortcuts
    $trans['cz'] = 'Ä?esky';//warning I am not using ISO code for czech - look bellow for awful hack! But you should use ISO code for your languages!
    $trans['en'] = 'english';
    $trans['it'] = 'italiano';
    $trans['de'] = 'deutch';
    $trans['sv'] = 'svenska';
    $trans['fr'] = 'français';
    //Which languages are we supporting: there must be ISO codes!
    $knownlangs = array('cs','en','sv','fr');//

    Does Polyglot the right tool to have my site bilingual ?

    Do you have a solution to my problem? Thanks

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