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  • Hi

    I have found a couple of poll plugins, but I wondered if there was one that could be topic related, i.e. post a poll with a paragraph of text, and allow a poll per post for users to vote on and then comment on.

    Does this exist?


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  • For wp-polls, u can post text half-way and attached a poll to it by using [poll=1] where 1 is the poll id.

    Hi Gamerz

    Thanks very much for the response, would you mind explaining it a little further?

    Are you saying it can be done what I want (post a blog entry and a poll with it at the same time)?


    Sure thing,

    Lets assume that you did not have any polls on the sidebar.

    You will need to create a poll under WP-Admin -> Poll, after creating a poll, note the poll id. Lets take it that the poll id is 2.

    Then in your content area where u type your post content, type in [poll=2] in anywhere u want to place the poll, it can be between text, before text or after text.



    Thanks, but does your script limit voting to once per user per post?

    this is important to us


    it is once per user per poll.

    You can choose which method you want to logged the poll, By Cookie, IP, Cookie/IP or by Username.

    The Username is a new feature (it has not been released yet), you have to e-mail me and I will attach it to you.

    Thanks Gamerz I have emailed you for the file

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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