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  • Can someone help me with setting up a polls archive and get it working?

    I had followed the intruction and set up a polls archive page, but it has appeared itself in the nav bar, which I supposed it is not to be there. I have also set up a permalink. When I click on the polls archive link, the archive page appear but no archive item display.

    I had amended the code in the polls section to this:

    <?php if (function_exists(‘vote_poll’) && !in_pollarchive()): ?>
    <?php get_poll(2);?>
    <?php display_polls_archive_link(2); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    Were there somethings missing? PLse help.

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  • If you create a page, it will appear in the nav bar. You can disable the poll archive link to display when you configure the poll widget.

    Hi! I believe you’re Lester. Thanks for replying and delighted to hear from you.

    Do I have to go into Edit mode at WP-Polls Widget where the source code is, to disable the HTML link to the Archive Page? I am working on ver 2.5.1 in the dev site.

    Problem #1: Basically, I want to remove the Archive Link at the Nav bar, but still want to have the Archive Page displayed when I click on the link at my Polling section.

    #Problem #2: When I clicked on the link at my polling section, the archive page appears, but no archive item is displayed. Is there something I must do to fix this?

    Many thanks.

    Yeap, I am Lester.

    #1 I don’t think there is way to not to list the pages on the nav bar once a page is created as that is part of WP. You maybe need a plugin or even manually excluding the page using query_posts. For my case, it is easier to disable the link on the polls itself and have it on the nav bar.

    WP-Admin -> Design -> Widgets -> Current Widgets. Click on Edit beside poll and set this option “Display Polls Archive Link Below Poll” to No.

    #2 Did you create a page called [page_polls]? The instruction is in the usage tab on the readme.html.

    Hi Lester,

    Thanks for the helps.

    Problem 1: I think I ve fixed it now.

    Problem 2: Yes, I read your Readme file and following the instruction on Genaral Usage (w/out widget). I am working w/out the poll widget now. I have this code:
    <?php if (function_exists(‘vote_poll’) && !in_pollarchive()): ?>
    <?php get_poll(3);?>
    <?php display_polls_archive_link(3); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    * 3 being my poll id.

    Next, I had created the [page_poll], just as instructed. Then I entered permalink url too. I belief that is the end of the instruction for creating the poll archive page. It works fine when I call poll archive, the archive page appear…but there is no poll data displayed. Only the the word: page_poll is displayed. Is there something wrong?

    Did you key in using the HTML editor and are you on WP2.5? Just remove <?php display_polls_archive_link(3); ?> if you do not want the poll archive link displayed

    Hi Lester,

    Thanks for the advice. I have fixed it now. The polls archive data is displayed okay.

    Basically, I just re-created the poll title in the nav bar and the [page_polls]. I must have created it wrongly the first time.

    Now my problem is having two poll titles in the nav bar. Do you know how to go about removing the first poll title in the nav bar?

    Thanks so much for all your helps.

    2 titles in the navi bar?

    Yes, now there are 2 titles in the nav bar. Got to remove the one that is not working.

    So you removed it?

    Hi, yes, I removed the additional title link at Admin/Manage/Page/ blank out the title at the Title field. It works though.

    Hi, is there a function that can give me a list of titles (with link to) of the last 10 polls ?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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