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  • Hi there,
    I have just upgraded to the latest version and have had to revert back. At first I could not see the Polls / Ratings but realised they are now appearing under the Settings section instead of a separate item in the main admin section which to be truthful is not quite as good as before.

    Irrespective of where the Polls / Ratings bars are now appearing the main problem is following the upgrade I am unable to see the polls I have already created nor is there an “add new” to create a new one.

    Can you help please


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  • Same problem here.

    WP 3.5.1, PollDaddy 2.0.19

    I found that when JetPack is activated, the “Feedback” menu option disappears from the dashboard.

    WP 3.5.1, PollDaddy 2.0.19 and .18, JetPack 2.2.4

    Hi there
    I don’t use JetPack so don’t think this is specific to Jetpack.

    Also concerned that I have not had a response in over a month and there seems to be a long trail of other issues that have not been responded to.

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    @katiekat – we’re working on this issue. Can you see a Feedback menu at all?

    I see the feedback option now and the polls menu is under there. Not intuitive at all!

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    @gladman – you’re right. The location of the polls menu has to be made clearer. It’s on the TODO list.

    Hi there,
    following the previous issues where I had to revert back to version 2.0.15 I am happy to report that I have just upgraded to the current version and thankfully this time can see my polls and create new ones.

    The Polls and Ratings are appearing under the Feedback Menu but there are separate items for the settings appearing under the Settings Menu and this would obviously be better if they were all grouped together in one place moving forward.

    I love this plugin but sorry I do have an issue with the current version. Previously I was able to create a custom style as part of the free package however this now only seems to be available in the Pro Version!! Can I ask why this has been changed because at a price of $200 just for having the functionality to create custom styles when it was previously free seems really excessive.

    I still appear to be able to use my previously created custom style but cannot edit it without going Pro. Does this mean I should revert back to 2.0.15 to reinstate this functionality for free if I need it?

    Kind Regards


    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    I’m surprised you were able to edit the style as free accounts have never had access to that.
    If you don’t need an annual account you pay by month instead.

    Curious, I also am experiencing a similar issue as ‘KatieKat’, where I see the feedback tab, yet do not see the “polls” tab.

    Further more, this is on a networked site, and when I activate it on another blog, I sometimes do see both “feedback” and “polls” in the right side panel beneath “Posts, Pages, Comments, Etc..”

    Running version 2.0.20 I did see a newer version 2.0.21 but did not see anything in the change log about this.

    Hi elanio,
    in the end I had too many problems and the cost of $200 or any monthly cost to get something I felt was basic was too much. I switched to Yop Poll which is completely free and is just as good as Polldaddy without the cost. The only problem is it does not have ratings so also opted for Rating Widget too. Between the two plugins the overall functionality is better.

    It is a shame because I thought Polldaddy was great initially.

    I am having problems publishing my poll from polldaddy into an existing post. when i preview the post prior to publishing the post, the poll appears perfectly fine. as soon as i hit publish, the shortcode appears on my website. how do i fix this?

    Hi mrswalterdeuce I think you may need to start a new thread as your issue is unrelated to the original one.

    Kind Regards

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