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  • The year dropdown on the timestamp only lists years from 200 to the current year. It doesn’t make sense to be able to choose a date in the past. I was attempting to create a poll than would expire in 2008, but 2008 was not in the dropdown. I replaced this code (polls/polls.php – line: 1055):
    for($i = 2000; $i <= $year; $i++) {
    with this:
    for($i = $year; $i <= $year + 5; $i++) {

    I’m not sure if that’s the best fix or if it’s even correct, but it works for me.

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  • This is the very reason I came here right now. Did that work well for you then?

    it has been reported to me quite sometime back, ttp://,1324.0.html (the same fix is there too) and I have already fixed it in the upcoming wp-polls 2.30

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