• I am EXTREMELY new to wp and have a site with polls for a selected group of individuals. Is there a way to see who has voted in them? I’m trying to ensure that people aren’t voting more than once so that the results are meaningful. I don’t know what version I am running but can find out if someone tells me how.

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  • Did you try looking into plugins that deal with that? Some of them probably have that kind of one-vote-per-user security built in.

    where do you look for that kind of thing and are they difficult to install?

    Plugins are fairly easy to install.

    In your WP admin, go to Plugins -> Add New and then search for something like “poll”.

    You’ll get a number of results, and then it’s up to you to find the one you like. You can click on Details for each plugin to see if it matches your needs, and if it does, you can click on Install Now to add it to your site.

    Once you’ve installed one, you’ll probably have to configure it and place it on any page/sidebar you like, but how that works exactly, usually differs between the various plugins.

    So to answer your question: yes, installing is easy. Configuring it can be a different thing but that depends on how each plugin is coded.

    don’t mean to be dense here ( I did say I was extremely new at this) but I don’t see the word Plug ins anywhere on the admin page.

    Is your site a WordPress.COM site, or a self-hosted site?

    it’s xxxxxx.wordpress.com

    Ah, that explains it.

    On standard WordPress.COM sites, your options are limited — for example, you can’t install plugins (a full list of differences between a WP.com site and a self-hosted WordPress site can be found here).

    Polls on WordPress.com sites are fairly basic. If you want to ensure people can’t vote more than once, look in your poll settings (Settings -> Polls) and check what you have selected under “Repeat Voting“.

    For further assistance with your site, visit the WordPress.COM support site at http://en.support.wordpress.com/

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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