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Poll Image and Category

  • Hello,
    I love this poll plugin and it has so many options but I am shocked it doesnt have these 2 basic options:

    1) Poll Image – Each poll to add an image so we can use it in the poll template.

    2) Poll Category – Categorizing polls so you could display the category somewhere in the poll template. Also would be nice to be able to display polls from a category. For example [yop_poll category=”politics” limit=”10″] would show the last 10 polls for Politics category.

    I think these 2 features are some of the only things missing from this plugin. (the only other thing I would really say is missing is a main poll index page that would display latest polls X per page.).

    I am willing to make a donation of $50 to speed up the integration of these 2 features.

    Please feel free to reach out directly to me and thanks for making such a great plugin!!



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  • Plugin Author YOP


    Hi Dave,

    We’re happy you like the plugin.

    Regarding your first request, can you please give us more details about that image and how you want to use it in the template?


    YOP Team

    Hi YOP Team,

    Sure in the “admin.php?page=yop-polls&action=edit&id=2” page I want a “Poll Image” meta box where I can upload a different image per poll. Then in my poll template above the poll question I am going to have the poll image ( e.g. this image: http://i.imgur.com/TKGnGB8.png ) .

    Any other details or more information you may need feel free to ask, or contact me directly.

    Thanks again!


    Plugin Author YOP


    Hey Dave

    A quick solution for this would be to use
    <img src="https://multimedia.getresponse.com/131/401131/photos/1617495.png?img1382128256082"><br>How is my plugin?

    in your poll question.

    YOP Team

    Hello YOP Team,
    Yes that is currently what I am doing but in the future getting staff to fill in the polls this will become a problem for them. Will just be a better integration/easier with the image upload field in there.

    I was going to code it myself into your script but was afraid of not being able to update your plugin (as it would overwrite my code) for future updates.


    Hello @ddirty and YOP Team

    I find interesting the possibility of use head poll image, but what about of use images per option, let’s say we want a voting poll with candidates, how can we make to use the candidate photo?

    Regards and congrats for an excellent plugin

    Plugin Author YOP


    Hi Jafet,

    You can set an image as answer by replacing the text with the html code for that image, so instead of “Answer#1” you can add

    <img src=”http://….” width=”[image width]” heigth=”[image height]” alt=”[image alt]” title=”[image title]” />

    Best wishes,

    YOP Team

    YOP Team;

    That’s terrific, thank you for your answer and I’ll do it in act.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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