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  • Hi there,
    I’ve recently moved my blog on political language from iBlog and Haloscan over to WordPress 2.0.3, which has been fiddly, but the massive superiority of WP looks to be worth it. 😉 I’m using a heavily customized version of Andreas Viklund’s 3-column andreas01 theme.

    Any comments/suggestions on the layout/design would be welcome before I turn off the old index.html… (Eg any tips on how to line up the readmore and comment links correctly? vertical-align is not doing it for me.)

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  • Very nice site! I’ve always had a thing for Andreas Viklund themes. They are very clean. I especially like your subtitles as it really give the site a news type apperance — which I believe what you are going for.

    Overall, colors are good. I do have a few things which seem a little odd to me design wise, but these are mainly personal preference so take them with a grain of salt —

    (1) The large white space on the top left of the page seems to draw my eye away from the content. I like your title right aligned, so I’m really not sure how to fix this… very much a personal preference issue though.

    (2) Wish I could help you out with the alignment of the “readmore” and the “comments” line. I noticed it too.

    (3) When viewing a post with comments, I really don’t understand the need to number the comments. For me, it really doesn’t add any benefit to have them numbered and takes up more verticle space — forcing more scrolling. Also, since there is more whitespace on top of the comments than below, it makes the text seem uncentered between the comment dividers. On the other hand, I really like what you’ve done to right align the author of each comment with the date. Works very well with the news type theme you’ve implemented.

    Overall, VERY good site with interesting subject matter.

    As always, just my $0.02!

    Hi mjwood,
    Thanks for your very kind words 🙂

    Also, your thoughtful comments on the design. I just managed to fix the alignment of readmore and commentlinks by fiddling randomly with the css 😉

    The empty top-left corner: yes, I’m not sure about this. Maybe I should go for a very light-grey image or logo or something there to add a tiny bit of balance?

    I like comment-numbering (as they have on crookedtimber for example), because with long threads it enables people to reply to a number, so it can be slightly easier to keep track of the conversation. I see what you mean about the spacing, but I guess I thought that the whitespace above and below the comments is equal if you kind of squint and ignore both the numbers and the posters names & dates 😉

    Anyway, thanks a lot for having a look.

    Good job with the alignment. Isn’t it funny how the eyes pick up such small misalignments? It looks very nice!

    A light-grey image or logo would be nice for balance. I think you’re on the right track with the light colors. Either grey or grey with a hint of red (to mirror the “Wors are weapons”) would be a great balance.

    Numbering makes good sense seeing how many comments you get. My blog is really just for family and friends so I normally never see more than 5 comments. You’re in a different category and I can see the necessity. Honestly, I will admit that I was somewhat unaware of comment numbering until I saw your site which may account for my initial impression. Further reading (I really do like your content even if I’m not sure I agree completely — but that’s for another time <grin>) has sort of made the numbers grow on me.

    Keep up the good work!

    As always, my $0.02.

    Ok, I put in a light-grey image and moved the banner up so there is less glaring white space: you were right about that.

    I really do like your content even if I’m not sure I agree completely

    Hey, if everyone agreed on everything the world might be a boring place. 😉

    Many thanks again for your advice!

    Looks awsome with that graphic!

    Good job!

    I’m a huge fan, so far.

    Thanks leMaxim 🙂

    Just instituted the simple recent comments plugin, so hopefully that will encourage more visitors to join in a discussion…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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