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  • i hope i’m in the right place…
    i’m running wp 3.0 and thesis 1.8 and would like to know how to create a link to a text document. better said; I want to create a link in my footer to a privacy statement and a user policy, both text documents.
    any suggestions? i’m really green at this. the internet tutorials have helped but press through to all issues but mine. i use dreamweaver so i create the css, html, php, etc from scratch. this is really different than from scratch. thesis does it all for you. i just don’t know where to put the 2 documents (the server, no doubt) but how to upload the docs via Thesis is the question.
    Thanks to all that can help. Greetings from Santa Barbara, Ca

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  • Well, you’ll want to upload your text document to your template directory, then open up your footer.php and find where you want the privacy policy to be and you’ll want to use fopen() to open it, and you’ll need to use php get_bloginfo(‘template_directory’); to get the directory of the text file.

    If you’re looking towards a plugin to do this, that is just as easy. Just write a plugin which sets the option to your policy statement and that should work.

    i appreciate your quick response. that was quick! please forgive me. i’ve been unable to find the template directory on the dashboard. i am so new to this that i just dont know. dw is easy build and load customize as needed via css but this is something else.
    i appreciate your patience.

    Well, if you want to try and edit it with the dashboard then you’ll have to use the Appearance/edit (I don’t recommend though!), this is text editor stuff you’re going to have to do.

    Do you have FTP access to your wordpress site? If so that is where you start. So you’re looking for wp-content/themes/thesis(something like that)/footer.php

    None of this will be for the dashboard, or editable on the dashboard. However if you do want something editable on the dashboard then you’ll need a plugin (a very very simple one will do the trick). But even for this you’ll need to load up your footer.php and find where you want it to go.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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