• Everything is advertised as awesome until you receive your first payment and then they tell you they won’t transfer your money until you’ve got enough balance. They give an explanation, however it’s not clearly stated BEFORE you receive a payment (how about when you create the account?)

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    It clear show on payment box page.

    Our system automatically forwards ALL received confirmed bitcoin/altcoin payments (6+ confirmations, recognized & unrecognized payments) to your external wallet every 30 minutes when the balance on your bitcoin account is 0.01 BTC / 0.01 LTC / 0.0005 BCH or more.

    We can only manually process all outstanding balances from all user payment boxes when user close his gourl account. Our system does not allow us to do this in any other way.
    Please contact us https://gourl.io/view/contact/Contact_Us.html

    The Bitcoin network dynamically calculates the transaction fee when we send a payment to your external bitcoin address. Sometimes the bitcoin network transaction fee reaches $ 100 – $ 200, and we cannot calculate the amount of the transaction fees until the payment is sent to your external address.
    Possible situation – user account balance is $ 89, transaction fee is $ 120, and we have to pay our own bitcoins $ 31 ($ 120-89) as the forward bitcoin fee on user external bitcoin wallet.
    To prevent your account from going negative balance, we have set a minimum amount for auto withdrawal. It also prevents spam transactions.
    Network transaction fees depends on the block size (on the bitcoin network – 1mb, on the bitcoin cash network – 8mb).
    Therefore, transaction fees on the Bitcoin Cash network are always low ($ 0.1 – 0.4).

    Please use Bitcoin Cash for small payments (bitcoin cash minimum forward amount is 0.0005 BCH; i.e. 20 times less than bitcoin minimum amount)!

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