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    Hi guys.. I’ve been running a test blog at I’m using the PolarLight theme by Jay Kwong ( with a skin that she provided, Summer Hill.

    Now it works perfect at all resolutions greater than 800×600 in all browsers. I know, 800×600 is ancient.. Well, truth is, I’m stuck with one such monitor myself.

    PROBLEM: At 800×600 resolution, the sidebar gets cut in half (in Opera 9.27 and Firefox 3 Beta 5) and appears below that posts (in IE7).

    Please help!!

    (P.S.: The site also runs using the same theme, although not the same skin. I tried comparing the two stylesheets and couldn’t pinpoint to the problematic code)

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  • Anyone??

    you must not be using the fixed width version of the theme actually me 2 was having some same issue but fixed it up by editing the css and if you want i can edit one for you and hope that will solve ur problem 🙂

    i just modified the css for you in all only three files are modified just download these files and replace them with your original ones tested even on the skin you are using i.e. PolarLight Summer Hill.

    you can download the files from here:

    WOW! Thanks a lot man.. This is what I was looking for! But I see this weird black bar beneath the footer of all pages. Is it some problem or actually part of the theme?

    I’ve attached a screenshot here :

    actually it is the same black bar which u see at the top of the theme and it is a part of the theme only but if you don’t want this black bar, all you have to do is just open your footer.php file and find

    <div class=”top_line”></div><!–top_line–>

    you may find it on line no.37 and just delete it and thats it you are done and no more black bar in bottom for you any more…

    Yeah thanks friend! Figured that out myself.. Thanks again, have fixed up everything!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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