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  • Nice site. Maybe you can figure out ways to jazz it up a bit (ie, less plain theme, banners more reflective of what your website is about–these are purely opinions).

    I am trying to figure out exactly what angle you are getting at. Is it just a blog dedication to pokemon stuff?

    By the way, I read every bit of your fanfiction. Considering you wrote it, good job. I’m a fan too. Don’t stop writing ;p

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    @lskitto, what’s the point of creating a thread if you don’t want reviews?

    i do want reviews…

    I think what Andrew was getting at is usually when people post their site for others to review, and they actually do take their time to review it, it is nice to acknowledge it and reply to your reviewers. ;D

    Sorry… and thanks for the review :p
    Yes it is a Blog Dedicated to Pokemon Stuff :p

    also i’ve seen ur site before it was removed, its cool, photoshopping things XD.
    I want Photoshop but I dont have enough money 🙁

    Anyone Else Want To Review my Site?
    Just Asking XD, I mean you dont have to if you dont Want To :p

    No problem 🙂
    Yes, I didn’t know you could only post your site in its own thread. No big deal.

    If you really wanted photoshop, I am pretty sure you can download an early version (CS2) for free. Adobe released it free a while back as they are up to CS6 now. 😀

    I took a peek. I don’t get into anime at all so I wasn’t to interested in your content, but I gave it a good browsing.

    It’s very plain. Very plain. I can tell exactly what theme you used. I would take some time and try to add some personal touches. Maybe have someone make a few images for you. A new background. Some new widgets.

    When building your site, think of it as a road, and where do you want people to go. You direct them, otherwise they get lost or worse, bored. Then they move on.

    Keep at it and don’t get discouraged. Take it all as constructive criticism. In time you get better and learn more and it gets easier.

    As for photoshop, there are other methods of working with images. A free one is called G.I.M.P.. Google it. Powerful free software. However I do recommend saving up some $$ and getting Photoshop. Try Amazon for sales, or if you are a student you can get them cheaper. You can try local colleges or universities, sometimes they have copies you can coerce from them. Cheers!

    im going do all that stuff now, that is if I find a cool Background, and thanks for the PhotoShop Suggestions :p

    Also I am trying to post Memes every day, but I found out it will just take up Space on my Website/Hosting Provider, is there a way to stop that?

    Definitely! Make an account on (a place where you can store picture). The will generate an html code for each of your photos. In wordpress, when you make a post, just copy that html there. That way all your memes are stored there instead of on your server. Easy 🙂 (At least, that is what I do) ;p

    Cool 😛
    I will consider that sometime in the future, im using Photon now…

    Also i’ve changed my Background (the Tile Effect is AMAZING)
    Just saying, you can sign up to my Blog and help me if you want :p

    you anime images are so cute!!!!!! and funny too……

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    items on your site are presented well. presentation is good


    do you like my Fanfic, its my 1st one.

    To Admins, you can close this if you want, but if anyone replies then dont please :p

    🙂 Funny

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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