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    Hi Support,

    Just a quick question, I have some challenges set to “auto submission” and when I click on submit I get the message “Successfully submitted” BUT it doesn’t display the “congrats” text till I refresh the page….IF I don’t refresh the page then I don’t get the points…

    Does that make sense??….Is it just me OR is this a common problem, and is there any fix for this?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I believe the instant “congrats” message is ajax powered, just for some instant feedback. This may sound dumb, but it’s best to check anyway. Have you verified that it doesn’t award the points when you just navigate to a new page after submission? It shouldn’t rely on the achievement page being reloaded, and if it is, then that’s definitely a bug we need to try and replicate/fix.

    Hi Michael,


    OK, so I tested, I deleted my test user and made another one. It appears that when I click the “auto submit” button on the challenge ITS NOT displaying the congrats message, when I navigate away from the page and then return THEN the message is displayed.

    Would you like to try so you can see whats happening??

    And is there any fix for this??



    And the points only work if I submit and then refresh the page!

    I think/hope there may be a bit of confusion going on with this part. I just tested on my own install, both with the current stable release as well as what will be 1.4.0.

    Both times it does award the achievement + points after you hit the submit. However, the screen doesn’t always reflect that right away, like with the green congrats bar. I was confirming that it was doing the actual awarding by observing the list of achievements we display in the user’s admin profile. Something that is hidden to everyone but administrators, if I’m not mistaken.

    If you want to try and recreate that as well, to see what I mean, take the following steps. If you have two browsers available, this will me really easy.

    -Create a new user.
    -Create an auto awarding submission achievement and some value of points.
    -As your admin user, visit their user profile screen and scroll to the bottom
    -Open a second browser and log in as the new user.
    -In the second browser, navigate to the achievement page in question and upload a submission. Once done, don’t do anything else, not even refresh.
    -In your first browser, refresh the user profile page and scroll back to the bottom. You should see the achievement appear and the points added to their total.
    -Smile knowing that there is no bug here and things are good to go.
    -Drink coffee. 😀

    Hi Michale!

    OK, 38 cups of coffee later 🙂

    Just want to point out that I know it is now awarding the achievements, BUT that “congrats” message does not appear UNTIL I refresh the page…AND the point’s are not being awarded until I refresh the page…HOWEVER when I do this it is showing that I have done the event twice and for example the correct amount of points for that event.

    It does not award the points until I hit that refresh!

    Example image

    Well, it is though, it’s just not reflected on the page yet. Once you hit submit, it starts refreshing and re-displaying the page at the same time as the code updating/awarding the achievement. The page refresh is simply happening first/faster and not waiting for the updated database values.

    Hi Michale,

    Sorry If I seem ignorant here, but I just don’t get this!

    Are you saying that this is an issue? Are you saying wait for the page?

    I don’t get it!

    Thanks for the help up to now appreciate it.


    I’m saying it’s not an issue.

    The points are being awarded, and it’s not because of the refresh of the page. The refresh is only causing the new data to properly reflect in the widget and with the “congrats” message. You would get the same effect if you clicked to go to the homepage and then back to the post via a link. The page reloads faster and before the point fields are fully updated, so it’s still pulling the original values. It’s not something we will be able to control. Your site is fine 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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