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  • Hi,

    Just a quick question about pointing my new domain name to a blog on WP.
    I have a blog up and running and nearly ready for publishing. It is in the root/blogname directory within my files list on my hosting server.

    I have bought a domain name with another company and want to point it to my blog. I think I have worked this out but when I click to visit another page or post within my blog the URL reverts back from the new domain name to my hosts original wordpress URL.

    How do I get a domain name pointing at my blog to stay the same for all pages?


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  • How did you set the domain name to point to your blog? Did you set the nameservers to point to your blog host servers or have you just done a re-direct?

    Have you set the correct nameservers at the hosting company?

    Thanks for the quick answers.

    Firstly I am with Fat Cow hosting. I have a domain with 123-reg and one with Proud Host.

    I have gone to the Name Server settings on each domain provider’s website and told it to point to ns1.fatcow… ns2.fatcow…. or whatever in the appropriate places.

    When I type in my domain names as a url they all point to my hosting homepage in the root directory, which is just a default holding page at this time.

    I have three wordpress blogs on my hosting account. Each one is installed in “root/blogname1”, “root/blogname2” and so on.

    What I want is for each of my domain names to point to a different blog. E.g. goes to blogname1, domain2 to blogname2.

    I started getting muddled by changing the blog url in the general settings to instead of the wordpress directory path but left the directory path as is in the blog location box. Not sure what this did from memory.

    The other thing I did was go to my Fat Cow domain list and told, for example to point to a directory – /blogname1. When I type in the url it takes me to the first page of the blog… Great! But when I click on another page it displays the page but the url reverts back to my default domain/blogname1/pagename, which I don’t want.

    What I need is a blow by blow basic guide to help me intall my blogs in the best place (root?) and have each of my domains point to each blog without the default url of the blog in the address bar. As if the blog is its own site and not just another blog of many on a hosting account.

    For what its worth, I plan on having blog pages that I can SEO for adsense type work. I gather installing a blog to the root directory is best but when I have done that my homepage stays the same instead of displaying my blog.

    ANybody know how I do this?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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