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  • hey guys-

    got a client who wants his blog to be capable of having a section that contains two columns of main content, one side being points, the other having counterpoints.

    for example, the column on the left representing the reasons hillary clinton should be president, then the one on the right having reasons obama should win the election, and each line would be related to the one across from it. like hillary’s views on abortion, then, directly to the right, obama’s views on the issue, etc.

    the kicker is that they want people to be able to comment on each side.

    is this possible?? if so, how?? thanks!

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  • Wowzer, that’s a can o’ worms. It sounds like you have a serious client wanting a customized theme.

    At first I was just gonna say, use the dreaded Table HTML. You actually can put tables inside a post, if you just want to line up some tabular material, such as a grid with 2 columns and a small sentence of data lined up going down 10 rows on both columns, 1 for 1.

    But it sounds like you want a grander solution, with each point being a Post — so nearly 20 posts showing on the homepage, with 10 on the left and comments, opposed to 10 on the right and comments? Or each “Side” being 1 Post — so all the Left arguments in that post, matched up across from 1 post on the Right? Or the whole argument with both sides being in 1 post?

    It won’t really be a problem to display the comments off-to-the-side, but there are bigger things to work on first I’d surmise.

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