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  • Hi everybody,
    Your feedback would be appreciated..

    I’m working on a “point-of-sale” (POS) system for WP and would like to publish it eventually on
    My prototype is a WP theme. The interface for the cashier looks similar to the Image results one gets when googeling for “HTML5 POS”.
    I just wonder what is better…

    1) Publish the system as WP theme
    Technically no problem, designers could easily create child themes.
    Downside could be, that it wont be accepted for release because it would be a very special theme with lots of special functionality.

    2) Publish as WP plugin
    Could imagine there is no problem with the release on
    The “cashier interface” HTML could be a plugin file, which is fetched via the “template_redirect” hook and then used like a theme page template.
    But it will much more difficult for designers to adjust the HTML/CSS

    3) is there a third possibility ? 🙂

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  • 3) A plugin that contains a theme. When the plugin is activated, it installs and activates its theme.

    When I customize WordPress I usually end up with a plugin-theme pair that require each other to work properly. I like keeping appearance and functionality separate, although there are grey areas where it’s hard to decide.

    Thanks Rod!

    So if I understand it correctly the plugin would have a subfolder like this..
    ./wp-content/plugin/[plugin-name]/[theme – name]
    ..which is then copied into..
    -> ./wp-content/themes/[theme – name]

    Or would tell the user to move the theme files manually into “Themes”?

    I was thinking the plugin could copy the files and activate the theme automatically, but if you want to you could make the user do the work.

    Right, have to try that out.
    Only problem I could imagine might be missing file permissions, but there should be way around.

    Do you know by any chance a plugin listed at which does it like this?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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