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  • I use GoDaddy hosting. I have one account, but 25 databases.

    I’m interested in running different installations of wordpress in separate subfolders of the same hosting account. (i.e.:,, etc.)

    I can get that to work, what I can’t figure out is how to (correctly) assign separate domains to those separate wordpress installations.

    For example, I can set up to forward to, but if I follow any links, the url is displayed as

    I’d like to make it appear like it’s originating in, any suggestions?

    URL = (click on sample page once there and see url in address bar, it shows (that’s the name of the folder, ‘’)

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  • Also:
    These were setup using GoDaddy’s install feature, and under ‘Settings > General’ the ‘Site’ and ‘WordPress’ address are shown as ‘’

    I tried changing that on another install and it messed everything up, maybe I did it wrong though if that’s how I fix this…?

    I have the exact same problem!

    Can anyone help please?

    You will need to set your addon names so that they point to the folder in html folder wait for it to propagate and then change urls in Settings>>>>General

    Thanks for your answer!

    How do I set my addon names so that they point to the folder?

    You need ask Go daddy Support to help you

    I built my site in a sub-domain ( Everything was working just ducky until I pointed my add-on domain ( to that sub-domain shown above. This WP site comes up, but it has lost the links to all CSS and images. Now I am having one of those “mastodon in the tarpit” moments where the more I try to resolve the problem, the more screwed up it gets. Any ideas? Please?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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