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  • Can anyone please tell me if its possible to create a poetry website based on WP ?

    Generaly i would like to see these features there
    americanpoems dot com

    Can anyone customize WP to have these features except forum ?

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  • that website is a database driven site, where all your entries are organized like a database. WP is a blog, which is better for posting items based on time, like news or thoughts. So if you do a poetry site, it should be for posting your poems as they are written, or of a poem of the day. You can organize the articles, but it is easier to do it with a different CMS that is organized that way.

    gavinholt could you please recommend me a specific CMS then or a developer which could customize that CMS for me ?

    You could try Joomla, and try organizing the poets using the sections and categories (I used it for my personal website). But I would run a test first to make sure that you can do it with a small sample.

    In my experience, WP can be coded to work for just about anything. I’m currently using it for a blog, a portfolio website, development for a portal service (news, groups, classifieds, etc), and another project which will remain nameless (far from a blog).

    Having said that, if you do not know php, or have the time/patience to develop, you may want to try another CMS. Joomla, as suggested, or maybe activeCollab Collaboration.

    Well, so far, I’ve found that you need a LOT more “coding” knowledge to EFFECTIVELY use joomla, modx, mamboA8 (the only useful piece of mambo left), or any of the rest….

    WP is about as simple as it gets. Mind, now, I’ve recently come into contact with a “rework” of WP as CMS that is ANYTHING but usable – but that’s the programmer’s fault….

    But see the point is to have a DATABASE of information, which is like an encyclopedia for example. WP is a blog that is more like, “here is the encyclopedia article of the day, good luck finding it in 1 year.” So unless there is a plugin for WP that can take advantage of that, another CMS would be better for that style of data management.

    Go to for a better idea of free CMS’s out there

    Yes doing it with CMS is probably an easier task and i have looke dover 15 CMSes opensource/not and still cant stop by a particular.

    Can anyone help me develope that script with Joomla for $$ ?

    Seems a silly question to ask at a WordPress support forum.
    Perhaps you’d try Joomla forums?

    Another vote for just doing it with WordPress.

    With some minor tweaks in the queries and theme code, you can cause your WP posts to display alphabetically instead of chronologically. I did it with a songs site. There are also cookbooks, and glossaries, made with WP.

    As a bonus you could have both: a Page showing all your poems A to Z, sorted by Title, with, say, the Author name, the Date it was posted, the Number of Words in the poem, and the Number of Comments…. AND on your home-page you can have the “Most Recent Poem” or the “Poem of the Day”.

    I am also now using the WP-Snap plugin to auto-generate an index list for each letter, all the posts that start with “A”, with “B”, with “C”….

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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