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  • i was trying out poedit but could not generate a po file since in the “parser” section of poedit only delphi and c++ are defined. what settings do I need for php files?
    also as keywords i defined __() and e_() but “e_()” always disappears when i close the keywords dialogue.
    thanks for any help

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  • not sure if this is correct but i just added *.php to the c++ parser setting and am now getting results.
    the keyword strings need ot be “__” and “e_” apparently.
    translation now begins 😀

    ok i have comlpeted a “formal german” po file now. want me to add it to the wiki?
    there’s still a lot of strings in wordpress that aren’t translated in this po file but all strings found by poedit are translated…

    oh btw the only thing i was unable to translate was
    original string “% comments”
    whenever I tried to put anything else but the original string in the translation area it resulted in the following error:
    e.g. “% Kommentare” would sprout:
    17:17:19: D:\documents\po\de_DE.po:337: ‘msgstr’ is not a valid PHP format string, unlike ‘msgid’. Reason: In the directive number 1, the character ‘K’ is not a valid conversion specifier.
    17:17:19: msgfmt: found 1 fatal error

    in the translation the first character after % always provokes this error, no matter what character, unless the string is identical with the original…

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    That should be _e, not e_. You shouldn’t need to bother with this unless you want to generate a POT file from source. I provide a POT file on the Wiki. However, if you want to generate your own and make sure you have the latest strings, even better.
    Yes, add the po to the Wiki.
    “% Comments” is indeed a pain. The comments_number() function uses “%” to perform substitution. This conflicts with the typical use of %, as a format specifier. I’ll try to fix this. I think you can tell poedit to ignore errors in the meantime.
    I’m marking more strings each day. We still have a lot left to mark.

    Hi rboren,
    Hi eke!
    Any solution to the “%K” problem yet?
    And eke, did the parser setting actually work for you?
    I’d really like to know… 🙂
    P.S.: @rboren: how do you create the pot file? Using GNU’s original tools? If so, could you please present the parameters…?

    re P.S. see the Appendix at the bottom of this wiki page

    Well, there’s only one problem with that script:
    It looks rather “linuxish “.
    And me being a lazy Windows user used to a proper GUI gets a little scared by that (Perl (?)) script…
    But thanks anyway for pointing it out… 🙂

    LOL, I was hoping you’d understand it… because I am a lazy Win user, too 🙂
    Not to mention I can work only with the POT files created by the devs, because I have no idea how to create one.

    There’s obviously a function “Catalogue > Update from Source” in poedit which takes care of updating/creating catalogues. The problem is it needs a parser and poedit only comes with a C/C++ and a delphi parser. And according to the people from poedit’s mailinglist, they’re no good for PHP source. And the wiki .pot file vanished from the codex… :-/
    But maybe I can figure out how to set it up for PHP by looking at that script… 🙂

    Looks like the files got screwed up during extraction from the zip archive. Going to try it again… 🙂

    For some reason, I the archive contents seem to have Windows Line Endings (/r/n) which I now try to convert to *NIX line endings.
    Going to be a little difficult… 🙂

    i MAKE A DESCRIPTION OF MY ADVENTURE whith poEdit before trying configurate him and the result is that:

    If this help someone or motivate someone for help-me …


    i MAKE A DESCRIPTION OF MY ADVENTURE whith poEdit before trying configurate him and the result is that: <——- changed !!!

    If this help someone or motivate someone for help-me …


    If anybody have an English translation for this link i apreciate:


    So … poEdit 1.3.3 have a BUG … search dont work properly ! return to 1.3.2


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