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  • Hi,
    This may – or may not interest you….
    I have been running a Great Movie Challenge on the site which is going to be running for the next few weeks. Points of 15, 10 and 5 go to first, second and third correct entries – and who wins the 15 points?
    Yes you guessed it – PODZ. I swear this guy is giving me nightmares. Every time I try and answer a question in the forums he gets in first, he does all this while he is writing new guides for WP and then to top it off he wins the first section of the challenge.
    Help – I want someone else to win the next one. LOL
    Get in and win the remaining 10 or 5 points so you have a chance to beat him overall – pleaseeeeeeee.

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  • i remember the days i get to answer the questions. 🙁

    My problem is I just can’t type fast enough to keep up with the guy.

    Get one o’ those one-handed keyboards. They come in handy when a shark bit off your other hand, or when you wanna type faster. You could also use ViaVoice or something 😉

    or pay Podz ISP to show him 10 minutes back data online. 😀

    I am being to wonder if podz exists at all. He seems to be a kind of conglomerate. Gotta be ten guys at least.

    I type, therefore I am.

    Podz is actually a Canadian experiment in Artificial Intelligence.

    It failed 🙁
    They deported me

    He’s doing it again! Can you believe it?
    The next challenge has only been up a few hours and he already has two correct answers submitted.
    Can I ban him? Can’t one of you give him something really important to do – like write out the complete manual on why WP is so much better than MT?
    TechGnome: You won 5 points last time – hurry up and get on the next round and beat him will ya!
    Sheesh 🙂

    This should be a handicap race – podz needs double the score to win 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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