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  • Resolved rcwgsy


    I am trying to insert the custom URL from the user profile into the link field for a button. While it finds the custom slug, it does not activate the button.

    Any ideas why this is happening please?

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  • Plugin Author Jory Hogeveen


    Hello @rcwgsy

    We’ll need a bit more info about this to know what is happening.

    > While it finds the custom slug, it does not activate the button.

    What do you mean with this?

    Cheers, Jory


    I create a button in an elementor page or post. I call that button dashboard for example. I then click in the dynamic link options and select ‘PODs Url Field’ I then choose the custom user field that is made available.

    But when I try to click the live button it is not active and doesnt take you anywhere.

    Just to add, the custom user field is populated with a url and I am logged in as that user.

    Plugin Author Jory Hogeveen


    I can reproduce this.
    However, while I’m not sure, I think this is what is supposed to happen since I believe the field selector only lets you select a meta key. This is not related to the current object.

    So what is happening is that you set the dynamic tag value to your user’s field key,url for example.
    But, you are editing a Post template, not a User template.
    So when loading the Elementor post template it will search for the url metakey in that Post object, not a User object.

    In any case, as this is an Elementor dynamic tag issue, please report it at their support channel, we cannot change this behavior within our plugin.

    Also, keep in mind that Elementor doesn’t fully support Pods yet. They have integrated some parts of Pods but it’s far from complete. I know @sc0ttkclark has reached out to them a few times but it still has little progress..

    Cheers, Jory


    I have this very same problem and it appeared with the latest update. I have Beaver Builder in the site. I could identify the problem being due to the PODS update. Now I however updated the plugin accidentally, the site in question is very large and hard to restore to an earlier version so a fix is sorely needed.

    See for example here:

    Button in the bottom: Ilmoittaudu koulutukseen

    The link takes back to the same page although in the course itself the link is

    Plugin Author Jory Hogeveen


    Hi @korpiri

    I believe your issue is a different one, also Beaver Builder related.
    Could you report it at the Beaver Builder addon support channel?

    Cheers, Jory

    Ok, I will try that.

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