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    I had entered a post in this forum (, and it was answered quickly and authoritatively. I got it to work after one or two hiccups. This is about one of those hiccups.

    I did try to use the MySQL ‘<=’ operator, but as Jim True warned me, it caused problems The error indicated that it couldn’t find the pod, even though it was definitely there, so I suspect the ‘<=’ operator was confused with the HTML ‘<‘, and it messed up the resulting query. As suggested, I ended up using the MySQL BETWEEN operator.

    What I did find that, once I had an error-producing [pods] shortcode on my page, I could no longer edit the page to change the shortcode. It kept displaying the database error, and refused to let me into the editor. I ended up having to delete the page and recreate it (fortunately, the page only had a page title and the shortcode, so I didn’t lose much).

    I’m not sure whether this behavior is pods-specific, or a more general WordPress page behavior. Nor whether there is a better solution than deleting the page and recreating it.

    It was on WordPress 5, in the native (Gutenberg/Blocks) editor; I have no idea whether that’s relevant or not.

    Any wisdom you have to share would be most appreciated…


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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