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    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for reading. Pods is a great plug-in and I love it. But recently I have something confusing and need your opinion.

    I just add a new Pods Advanced Content Types called People, each artical in People is information about a person. For each person there are 5 fields like name, age … Then I will use short-code to show them in another Advanced Content Types called Events.

    Then I realized, that actually each of these People normally only belong to ONE Event. So I could just directly write the People’s field under the Event Pod. Like A’s name, A’s age….B’s name, B’s age… C…D…

    In this way I no longer need the People Pod any more. Instead, all the fields will be wrote under Event Pod. And in each Event article, I don’t have to write different shortcode to import different People fields. The code of the information part in different Event articles will be all the same, and they will import their own fields automatically. Well, the weak part is that it will make the Event article’s editing area much more longer. There will be totally about 60-100 fields under each Event Pod.

    So I would like to ask, which way might be better to choose. I’m not an experienced site builder. Just hope it won’t cause any unexpected problem in future.

    Thank you again for reading.

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  • Plugin Author Jim True


    We don’t typically recommend people use Advanced Content Types unless you absolutely have a requirement for external tables. You should typically use Custom Post Types. Also, it’s not a good idea to connect content with shortcodes because that requires your end-users (the people entering content) to paste shortcodes directly into content boxes.

    You might want to check out the Grow Beyond Posts and Pages video that gives a good overview of how they all work together, in addition to explaining relationship fields which is the appropriate way to do what you’re talking about above (importing people into events)

    In general it is always better to keep data normalized… that is, don’t mix data that describes people with data that describes events. Rather, it is much better to link the two. Have a CPT that defines the events, and have a CPT that defines the events, and then link the two together via a common field.

    Plugin Author Jim True


    yep, hence why I shared the Pods Video; connect them with a relationship. It sounded more like the original poster wanted to ‘insert’ the data with a shortcode which is definitely the wrong way to think about it.

    Hi Jim (@jimtrue)

    Thank you very much for replying. I have to say sorry first. You obviously noticed that I mixed up Custom Post Types with Advanced Content Types. I was lost in translation since actually I’m using Chinese version Pods. Thank you for still being patient answer my question even I used the wrong confusing phrase since the beginning. I’m appreciate.

    The video is exactly what I need to learn.

    Now I linked people and event. The effect looks exactly same as before, but we don’t have to write short-codes in text-area anymore. That is perfect.

    I knew Pods is powerful but never know this powerful. Amazing Relationships function …you guys are genius! It makes working much easier and the logic is now all clear and make sense.

    Thank you again for helping me.

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    Hi Norm Sash (@normsash)

    Yes you are right. After linking people and event, using the Relationship function, everything seems better. Keep data normalized, I will keep that in mind. Thank you for taking time sharing experience with me. Helped a lot. Thank you.

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    Plugin Author Jim True


    You are very welcome @easyman

    So the translation actually comes across as Advanced Content Types for Custom Post Types? We need to get that fixed! 😉

    Hi Jim @jimtrue

    The translation is right. It was my fault. I didn’t realize that one means Custom Post Types. Thank you again for being patient.

    Pods is great. I almost know nothing about PHP but I use Pods very well. Definitely will recommend to anyone as my #1 choice of WP CMS plugin and one of the favorite plugin.

    Plugin Author Jim True


    That’s awesome @easyman! Feel free to give us a review on here:

    OK, just done. Thank you again for helping me. @jimtrue

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