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  • Elementor is now fully integrated with “pods”

    Seen here:

    When I try to use pods custom fields in a post loop with your plugin it doesnt work and gives me an error.

    I googled this issue and found someone facing the same issue presented on the PODS github which you can find here:

    I also replied on the link above and linked pods to this support question because they seemed unfamiliar with your plugin from the initial question which was abandoned as seen in the github thread above.

    Is there any way you’d be willing to chime in on the issue?

    Thanks for any help!

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author dudaster


    I’ll join.

    It’s not abandoned, @portalp, there’s little we can do without having all the players involved to determine which plugin is the one with the issue. We didn’t work with with either of these plugins for their integration and we are happy to help, obviously, but we have no control of their code.

    @jimtrue. Sorry Jim. I meant the original person who opened the thread abandoned it and never replied to you after your initial response. At which point i replied and re-opened it.

    Plugin Author dudaster


    Ill try to recreate The problem maybe I can shed a light in here.

    Thanks dudaster! In my case i just created a pods template and added some of their post references in there. When i load this pod template in as an elementor single widget and select the box (for single or archives) it gets no pod info like it does on the post page.

    Thanks for looking into this!

    Plugin Author dudaster


    What have I done so far.

    1. I extended Posts with a custom field.
    2. Added a Title Widget, clicked dynamic and selected the field.

    And it works.

    I’m new in PODs I’ll try to create a template, but first I must learn how.

    Jim True


    As I understood the problem, you folks are attempting to do the templating without using Pods Templates, correct?

    We have an overview of Pods Templates (and Auto Templates) at the 23’ish minute mark of this video:

    It explains Pods Templates, Magic Tags and how to display them with shortcode, widgets or the Auto Templates.

    As long as you are in the ‘loop’ you can call a Pods Template with [pods template="Template Name"]; you treat it like a content block that will be ‘looped’ at the current point of the loop. If it’s an archive loop, it will output like an archive.

    The whole video is helpful if you want to understand our Relationship Fields as well.

    Jim True


    I also don’t think you’d be able to mix our magic tags which are Pods Template specific into a skin or anything out of Elementor. Magic Tags are only interpreted inside Pods Templates, inside Custom Templates (the space between [pods][/pods]) and in where clauses in our shortcode. They’re not used or recognized by any other plugin so expecting them to work in a skin or dynamic field location would not work.


    I have the same problem with Pods and Elementor custom skin.
    When I use shortcode ex. [pods field = “price”] in the custom skin loop are displayed but when I insert the loop on elementor’s post archive the pods with shortcode become: “Please provide a Pod name”.

    How can I solve it?

    Thank you

    No idea. This isn’t a Pods issue as we’ve indicated multiple times and as is indicated in the trouble ticket listed here:

    Please stop adding any additional content to this forum post. And discussion needs to be in the GitHub ticket until both Elementor and the Custom Skin creator fix the issue or specify exactly what is causing the issue and isolate it to our code.

    We do not work bug reports in the forums.

    Plugin Author dudaster


    Does the latest version of the ECS fixed this issue?

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