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  • Hi

    I have tried to install PODS CMS and it was working fine, looks like it could be just what I need. However, I can’t get the pages I created to display on my blog menu. I posted a topic on their forum but have received no help whatsoever. Therefore, can anyone either help me with Pods or recommend a different plugin?


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  • Hi, sorry for the lack of response, things have been busy for me specifically leading up to my wedding this weekend. We’re also working on migrating our forums over to our new bbForums package which will help things stay much more organized.

    Are you using WP 3.0 Beta? If so, the new menu system will let you add any links you want to your menus. Right now, the WP menu system in version prior to 3.0 are very restrictive and don’t offer much customization. There are plugins out there that offer more functionality but with 3.0 so close to release – I’d say you should start to check it out.

    You can also always add your Pod Pages as WordPress Pages in their specific spots on the site where you want them to appear. Pods will still run the pages as usual even if it’s on the same URL as an existing WP Page or Post.

    Congrats on your wedding!
    I need help with pods beyond comprehension.
    I have to accomplish this result:

    pulling from events calendar then displaying in this fashion

    Just dont know how about doing it

    Thanks 🙂

    What you’re trying to accomplish is definitely possible, I’ve done it with a number of sites already. Would you be interested in Pods training or development? I’m also a developer / consultant / trainer for Pods work so I may be able to help you in a number of different facets depending on your needs.

    Thanks for the help so far.

    I have added a WP page with the same name as my PODS page and now it displays, but it doesn’t display properly. It ignores all the formatting etc.

    With regards to WP 3, I could install it but I don’t it to cause me grief, I’m new to WP.

    Also, I don’t know any PHP with the exception of watching the basic video for PODS, will I have to learn it to work PODS?


    You’ll want to learn PHP either way, whether it’s to change the way your WordPress theme works, or add additional functionality via a custom plugin. If the Pod Page ignores the formatting, try selecting a Page Template from within the Pod Page editor. Or check out the instructions here:

    Any chance we will see an update on the WYSIWYG-editor soon? It is not validating proper XHTML and therefore this, else awesome, plugin is useless when it comes to my clients sites.

    @fatfred: why not use the “new” HTML5 doctype? It’ll validate and it’s “the latest hype” if your client asks! *JustSaying* 😉

    We’re limited in what we can offer in terms of HTML5 support since the WP Administration area is not using the HTML5 doctype. I’ve put a ticket out for that:

    As for the update, we’re switching to TinyMCE for the primary WYSIWYG editor.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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