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    It seems Yoast SEO won’t pick up the Pods content and is this hurting Pods created content or just an irritating feature of Yoast. Is there another plugin which works with Pods and properly integrates pods content into the appropriate SEO format? If Pods isn’t being integrated into a website for the purposes of generating properly formatted SEO isn’t this a big problem?


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    Correct me if i am wrong but you are talking about the rating the Yoast plugin shows you in the admin? Well there is a difference between the rating Yoast analysis tool shows and the actual rating of the page – my guess is that’s just a matter of Yoast recognizign your content.

    SEO can be a very nasty beast and depends on many factors – depending on how you dispaly pods content you might be fine or have room for improvement. Per se pods wont hurt you.

    Plugin Author Jim True


    Here’s the article I also linked over at your forum post on Yoast’s plugin referencing Pods.

    For your custom fields to be analyzed in the post analysis by Yoast, you have to do the dirty work to get that post_meta analyzed. I don’t believe any SEO plugins automatically analyze all post_meta; it would be overkill and we certainly wouldn’t turn that on automatically for all fields, either.

    As long as your custom post type is flagged as Public (which by default they are), you’re using a Title and Content Editor the content will make it’s way into the page analysis.

    Jim – I attached some links to this post about SEO and PODs? Do I still need to go through theses steps for SEO?

    #6: SEO For Advanced Content Types

    SEO For Pods Advanced Content Types

    And is SEO and PODs concerns with both: New and Extended Pods or only New?


    Also concerning SEO…

    How are shortcodes handled in in combination with my previous comment?

    Thanks again! I appreciate any info you have.


    Plugin Author Jim True


    Chris, Actually those specific posts ONLY are dealing with Advanced Content Types. Since Advanced Content Types live outside the WordPress data structure (they’re not postmeta), this would not be the issue you’re having with Custom Post Types.

    Shortcodes are processed before sending to Google, they’re getting post-processed stuff. However, ‘analysis’ is different.

    All posts as long as their Custom Posts are analyzed by default, because it’s your FINAL content, the part that’s actually presented to google that is being checked for SEO. Again, as far as analysis goes, you’d have to push that over to Yoast, because we don’t do anything special.

    Sorry I’m just replying to your note as well, but you actually tacked onto a resolved question, so it wasn’t obvious there was a new question here.

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