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  • Implementing a HTML5 player like jPlayer or mediaelement.js or something else in podPress is not easy task and there is probably no easy or good way to do this. In general I plan to implement such a new player. But there is no concrete time line.

    If you want only to customize the player button which you can see in some browser instead of the flash players then you need look into the podpress.css for the style definitions. You should probably open the button image to see how it looks (the default button and the one you can see while the mouse cursor hovers of the button is in one file).

    I was hoping to use get_post_meta, but it looks like I have to read podpress code 🙁

    Okay, it is getting more clear what you want to do. Although I’m still not a hundred percent sure. Maybe describe your idea a little bit more or ask me direct questions.

    If you want to write your own plugin which uses the podPress metadata to add a custom player then you can of course do that. You can disable the podPress player on the general and player settings page of podPress.

    podPress stores the meta information in two db rows per post (or page).
    One has the meta_key _podPressMedia and the other _podPressPostSpecific.
    _podPressMedia is an array or object which contains an array with the meta data for all the media files of this post (or page). Each media file sub array includes the values with the following keys:
    URI, title, type, size, duration, previewImage, dimensionW, dimensionH, rss, atom.
    _podPressPostSpecific contains the settings of the section “Post specific settings for iTunes” (below the post editor box).

    that what I am thinking of doing, but I cant work out how to transale the normal urls to the podpress_trac urls?
    http://localhost/wp-content/uploads/ar.drone%20001.webm to
    [video src="http://localhost/podpress_trac/web/158/0/ar.drone%20001.webm" /]

    The URL begins with the home URL of the blog.

    “podpress_trac” is always the first part after the domain name.

    “web” is the abbrevation of the download method. The URLs of the download links in the blog posts have this method name. The URLs of the enclosures in the feeds have “feed” and the URLs the players use contain “play” instead of “web”.

    “158” is the post ID in this example.

    “0” is the index of the media file of this post. Zero means it is the first (maybe the only) media file. If you have e.g. 2 media files in one post then the index of the second file would be 1.

    The last part is the file name.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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