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  • Hello Soldats, either one can support large files and users.

    As far as easy of use, my plugin Podcasting is aimed at being simpler, while podPress is aimed at being more powerful. Both plugins have a fairly identical feature set, with the exception of podPress having statistics and premium podcast support and Podcasting supporting multiple podcast formats with individual feeds (AAC, MP3, OGG, etc).

    I started with podPress and it seems to be the cause of my thumbnails not working and my atom feed not working (they work whenever I deactivate podPress and I can’t figure out a fix).

    Anyone know if podcasting has similar issues before I try switch over?

    Not knowing the specifics of your problem I can’t be 100% certain, but Podcasting should not cause any issues with your atom feed or with thumbnails. Podcasting creates a completely separate feed for podcasts based on the RSS2 spec, so any existing feeds including atom feeds should remain untouched.

    Just an important thing to note, you’ll have to manually migrate your podcast episodes from podPress to Podcasting. I currently do not have a script to automate the process. Hopefully in the near future I will have a method, but for now, it’s all manually done.

    i have the same problems, i install podpress and my feed not validate at feedvalidator. i deactivate the pluggin and my feed start validating.

    PS: sorry my english, i am from portugal, and i don’t practice very much

    cavemonkey if you make the switch easier im sure youd have a boatload of people switching over….just not happy with podpress support and it seems to have broke since WP 2.5

    locash, I still have an importer planned. I anticipate having having some time to work on it within the next week or so. Stay tuned!

    if podcasting did ‘category casting’ i’d use it. it seems to support just a single podcast feed thouhg.

    (podpress built in stats thing is also pretty good – tho i imagine a lot of ppl use feed burner stats system anyway)

    alanft, Podcasting does support category casting, it’s just undocumented. Just append the /feed/pdocast/ URL to any WordPress archive page, and only podcasts meeting that conditional will show. For example:
    Podcasts in the year 2008.
    Podcasts in the fishing category.

    Alternatively, you could use manually created formats to separate podcasts, which work similar to categories but are podcast specific. In fact, you can combine the two like so:
    Podcasts in the AAC format which are also in the fishing category.

    Hope this helps!

    well that’s great. how do you set the category-specific podcast info for the RSS feed? (like all the iTunes info, image and so on)

    Setting specific information for categories is currently not supported. Categories will inherit the general podcasting information set in the options. I’ll add setting category specific information to my todo list, but to be honest it’s doubtful as there are a lot of other great features ahead of it.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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