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  • Hi there !

    First, thanks a lot for your great work with this plugin, I love it !

    I’ve got some remarks, suggestions, wishes & so on about this plugin :

    Errors/bugs : (WordPress 3.1.2 / Podpress beta 5)

    • Some issues with the player, it’s now showing the “1pixel out” player, but something weird (perhaps the video player ?) with my mp3 files on posts
    • Throws errors when I’m editing (or creating) a post with an mp3 file and click on “Auto detect” for filesize or duration :
      Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in wp_settings.php
      Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated wp_settings.php

    Questions :

    • If Podango isn’t available anymore, why include it in the plugin ? Why not to throw that away ?
    • What about the iTunes Feed ID option ? What is it, and what’s its purpose ?

    Wishes / It would be great if… :

    • We could set the number of elements to include in a podcast feed (or set it to “all” to include all podpress enabled posts
    • We could disable statistics for authed (or just admin) users (so the admins can’t mess with the stats…)
    • We could disable the enhancement of the main feed
    • We could use post (wordpress) keywords as itunes keywords for an episode
    • You could simplify the feeds options page. Imagine a “default options” zone, and then you could add any number of other enhanced podcasts feeds. Alle these additional enhanced/torrent/premium feeds dit really confused me first time I used the plugin…
    • You could make the permalink reloading automatic.

    Thanks a lot if you just read me, I’d be glad to hear from you anyways 😉 I’m just a step ahead from switching from Powerpress to your plugin… I think that theses little modifications could make me do that step, and perhaps motivate me well enough to translate the plugin to french 😉

    Regards, Antoine.

    PS: Sorry for my poor English, as it’s not my main language… 😉

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  • Plugin Author ntm


    to Errors/Bugs:

    • I would like to see the weird things gets displayed near by the 1Pixelout player in your posts. Would post the name of your blog or maybe the URL?
    • The message you get after pressing the “Auto Detect” button is message for plugin developers. It might be possible that it appears because you or co-author has switched WP into the debugging mode. Maybe you have set define(‘WP_DEBUG’, FALSE); to define(‘WP_DEBUG’, TRUE); ? Or maybe you have used a plugin to switch that on.?
      This message should go away if you this constant back to FALSE or you reverse the setting the way you have switched the mode on.

    to the questions:

    • Someday I will remove that Podango option.
    • If you are going to use the Feed Buttons plugin of podPress then you will see that there is option for a button which links to the iTunes store or has a special link which would start itunes and the subcription to the feed with itunes – all actions with one click. But you need the ID which get when you register your podcast at the iTunes Store podcast repository.
      In the past the this repository have had a ping feature and near by that input field was an update button which could have used to signal the repository that the feed includes new episodes. But this feature is gone. Apple has probaly a better, automatic feature now.

    to the wishes:
    I have read all the wishes and some like using the post tags or keywords as iTunes keywords will find their way into the next versions. But it might take some time to implement other wishes.

    But it is good to have such concrete list.


    I would like to see the weird things gets displayed near by the 1Pixelout player in your posts. Would post the name of your blog or maybe the URL?

    I’m testing this on localhost before going to “live” server. But I’ve made a very pretty screenshot ! 🙂 Here !

    The debug thing

    I’m not in debug mode (and i’m sure), I also tried to turn error reporting off but it doesn’t work. For info here is what I get after a press on the “auto detect” button : Screenshot

    To the answers : NICE ! 🙂

    Thanks a lot ! (And if I can/may help with something…)

    Plugin Author ntm


    The first screenshot shows that you are using the Safari, Chrome or IE9 web browser. Also the “Use HTML5 tags:” option (player settings page) is active.
    These browsers show the audio player of the browser instead of the Flash-based 1PixelOut player as long as the option is active.
    Each of these browser has it’s own audio player with an individual design and all look different then the 1PixeOut player.

    I don’t know why that player in the screenshot (after the click) shows no Play or Pause button. But this is a browser issue. (Maybe make a test with one of the other two browsers.)

    The second screenshot is not helping very much. Is the error message in your first post what you have copied from those two fields?

    Deactivating HTML5 tags made it ok for the player… I’ll stick with that until I absolutely need HTML5. I’ll continue testing to see where is the problem. Also, it works in IE9 with HTML5 tags on. (that one made me cry…) Thanks a lot !

    The second screenshot is not helping very much. Is the error message in your first post what you have copied from those two fields?

    Yes it is. For more info, here is a screenshot of the content of one of the fields copy/pasted to an html document (witch is more readable). I also figured out that the size of the file was detected correctly when validating the post, but not the length (hh:mm:ss).

    Again, thanks a lots for your support ! 🙂

    Plugin Author ntm


    Thank you for the screenshot!

    These message are from the PHP of your server and regarding not only code of podPress. You can hide them by adding
    error_reporting(E_ALL | E_DEPRECATED);
    or a bit aggressive
    to the wp_config.php file. error_reporting(0); will hide all PHP messages including real error messages and not only the notice regarding deprecated methods. I would suggest error_reporting(E_ALL | E_DEPRECATED); (The will hide the messages reulting from deprecated methods. That is okay.). (more about the options of error_reporting)

    I also tried to turn error reporting off but it doesn’t work.

    I already tried these two solutions but that doesn’t work 🙁 I’ll try to put that in my php.ini to see if there’s any precedence over WordPress… I’ll keep you posted 🙂

    Thanks !

    Plugin Author ntm


    BTW: I have done some tests with Chromium 11.x on an Ubuntu 10.10 computer and I observed exactly the same appearance problems with the HTML5 player. I have made the same test on an Debian 6.x computer with Chromium 9.0.x and the player looked right (Play, Pause, Stop, Volume control. All elements has been visible).
    It is really a browser issue.

    Tested too on many browsers, same results. Thanks !

    For the “file size/duration problem”, Itried to turn error reporting off hardcoded in the php.ini, no changes.

    Thanks 🙂

    Plugin Author ntm


    I have made good experiences by adding error_reporting(E_ALL | E_DEPRECATED); to the wp-config.php of older WP installation at my test server (XAMPP for Windows). I have also tried to edit the php.ini of that system without success. But adding this line helped to make the WP 2.1 or WP 2.3 work again this test server. (These old WP versions throw a lot of “Deprecated” messages.)

    about the other issue:
    I thought that the missing – or I better say – badly visible buttons are solely a problem of the Chromium version. It is true that Chromium 9 behaves differently than Chromium 11. But Chromium 11 shows permanent displayed <audio> players without this issue. The button are not visible if the player gets inserted dynamically.

    But I have found out that it is possible to add the <audio> element with some custom style information like the background-color.
    I need to do some test. But ‘m confident that the next podPress version will include a bug fix for that issue.


    Plugin Author ntm


    Tested too on many browsers, same results.

    Can you tell me the browser versions and the versions of the operating systems?

    I was talking about the file size/duration problem, that wasn’t clear, sorry :s

    I don’t remember the precise version but I tested firefox 3/4, chrome 11 (on mac os snow leo), IE9, firefox 3/4 and chrome 11 an win7 x64. I don’t think this error is related to a particular browser… Anyway, it still work for the filesize when posting the news.

    Plugin Author ntm


    I don’t think this error is related to a particular browser

    You are right. This depends on the server and the PHP configuration.

    You could make the permalink reloading automatic.

    I use “Simple Download Monitor” wich use .htaccess URL-Rewriting features. Problem is when I re-save permalink settings, it resets rewriting options to WP defaults so SDM stops counting downloads.

    Just to let you know 😉



    Hi there !

    Quick message to tell you about a feature I miss, and, I think, would’nt be very complicated to implement. It’as about Facebook OpenGraphProtocol. I’d like ton have Podpress embed “audio” tags in my pages when on an article page with podcast attachment. Here are the meta tags :

    <meta property=”og:audio” content=”″ />
    <meta property=”og:audio:title” content=”Amazing Song” />
    <meta property=”og:audio:artist” content=”Amazing Band” />
    <meta property=”og:audio:album” content=”Amazing Album” />
    <meta property=”og:audio:type” content=”application/mp3″ />

    Do what you think is good with that idea, and thanks for reading 🙂

    Plugin Author ntm


    Thanks for the idea! I will think about your suggestion. (But I can’t promise you anything.)


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