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    Which stats method do you use? Counts Only or Full?
    If you are using Full, could you switch to Counts Only for a moment? Does this page any results?

    I see statistics showing up on the downloads

    Where do see these numbers? In the posts at the and of the line with the download and player links?


    Will try out changing to see if the data is changed.

    I see the download stats on the podpress section of the post’s podcast. It shows the number next to the “Download” link.

    Made the change to Counts only and under statistics it only shows a link called Quick Counts but nothing happens when I click on it.

    Plugin Author ntm


    Please, don’t use Full+. If you expect many downloads then stay with Counts Only.

    How do you know that podPress counts the downloads?

    Are there any error messages on the Downloads Per Media File pages?

    Could you open the source code view of one of these pages? Are there any error messages visible? If you don’t know what to look for then please, copy the source code and post it with the help of one of the pastebin services? (so I can take look at it.)

    Can you see the table header or are these pages completely empty?

    I know once I turned on the statistics a number started showing up next to the download link for the post.
    e.g. Download (273)
    Also there is the dashboard block showing the stats there.
    Statistics Summary (Full/Full+)
    Feed Web Play Total
    930 2190 899 4019

    No errors on the Downloads Per Media File pages. Nothing at all actually.
    I look at the source code for those pages and see nothing actually.
    The link attempts to take me to this URL/wp-admin/admin.php?page=podpress/podpress_stats.php&display=downloads_per_media_file

    Plugin Author ntm


    Nothing at all actually

    If you click in the admin menu bar on podPress > Statistics you should get to the statistic pages. The first one is the Downloads Per Media File page. It contains one or two horizontal sub menu bars and mainly a table with columns like Nr. | Media File | Feed | Web | Play | Total.
    Can you see at least this table headers or is the page really completely empty?

    There is nothing in the page or by clicking the link.

    Plugin Author ntm


    What is happening when you open the other 3 podPress pages (Feed/iTunes settings, General settings, Player Settings)? Are these pages also empty?

    Is podPress in the default folder: /wp-content/plugins/podpress/ ?

    Do you open your blog admin pages with a https:// URL?

    Do you use a security plugin? Which one?

    I have had to disable the statistics due to the service changing the RSS feed URLs to a URL that does not work. It added podtrac in between where the files really were stored.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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