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  • Hey all,

    I just installed the latest PodPress on my new domain,

    But when I am on the feed settings page, what do I enter for my feed ID? also, I have a podcast feed in the store now but that was from the other server; how do I change it to this one?

    When I go to the feed page in safari, it says Safari couldn’t find the source? Not sure what that means. Also, it was unable to be validated, not sure how to make it be validated.

    Thanks. Was wondering if it was a server issue or what. Haven’t played much with my control panel, other than installing WP 3.0.1.


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  • If you add your podcast to the iTunes podcast repository then you get probably a ID which is the feed ID. That ID is only important in the podPress context if you want to use the iTunes button of the buttons widget of podPress and only if you want to use the iTunes protocol for URL (itpc://) for the link behind this button.
    If you don’t know this ID then it is no problem. Leave that field empty and don’t use the “Use iTunes protocol for URL (itpc://)” feed button option.

    One possibility to change the feed URL in the iTunes repository is to use the iTunes:New-Feed-Url option in combination with the “Podcast Feed URL” at the Feed/iTunes settings page of podPress.
    Set iTunes:New-Feed-Url to Enable and insert the new feed URL as the “Podcast Feed URL” before you close the blog at the old location. podPress will add the <itunes:new-feed-url> tag to the old feed an iTunes will update the URL automatically after some days.
    (read on in the iTunes Podcast Resources about Changing your feed URL)

    Your new feed is not valid because it does not contain posts yet. That is also why Safari cannot find a source. (iTunes will probably say something comparable if you change the URL there before your have content in your RSS feed.)

    In other words: there is no server issue.


    W3C Validator xhtml strict rejects podpress code

    target=”new” title=”Download :
    I cannot find the code anywhere in the unzipped latest download

    My doctype is not being accepted either
    my “searchform” rejected; (fixed)
    <div><table width=”100%” align=”center” cellpadding=”3″ cellspacing=”0″ border
    I just removed the align center it’s still looks good

    other than that we look good, now the “promise” holds it will view right on all browsers… what a cluster..

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