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  • Installing the Podpress plugin has made my WP Dashboard unbearably slow. It takes about a minute for the page to load when I select to write a new post. Anything I can do to speed things up? Thanks.


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  • If you haven’t already done so, check that it is actually the podpress plugin by disabling it.

    If it is, notify the plugin author, since he/she will be more familiar with the code.

    Thanks, I did check by deactivating it, and it is the podpress plugin. I will contact the author and hope he or she responds.

    I can’t believe I’m one of the few people using podpress and finding it to be so slow. Is wordpress not the best way to disseminate a podcast?

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    WordPress is a fine way to do podcasting, but Podpress is a big plugin that does a lot of stuff. It’s most likely a problem there, not with WordPress.

    For basic podcasting, you don’t need any plugin at all. Just make posts with links to MP3 files in them. Your feed is then the podcast. Easy.

    All plugins do is provide all the extras. iTunes tags, different feeds, etc, etc. Frankly I think most of them are overkill, but hey, some people like them. More power to ’em.

    Thanks. I do like the built-in player that the podpress plugin provides, though.

    Following up on this, I already serve my WP blog feed via Feedburner. I suspect it would be easier to use Feedburner for my podcasts (when I have some) than to get PodPress.

    Does anyone have any opinion on the relative merits of the two approaches?


    I think Jason Van Orden of the podcasting underground recommends using Feedburner. Otherwise how do you know how many people are subscribed to your podcast?

    Thanks. I did indeed go with hand-rolling the upload and Feedburner.

    I had the same problem, and there’s a simple fix. The number of files that can be inserted to a post is set very high in PodPress – 250 or so.

    To change that number:

    from wp-admin, podpress, general
    Post Editing
    Max Number of Media Files: (change this to 2)

    Good luck!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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