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  • Not sure if this is related to incompatibility issues between Podpress 8.8 and WordPress 2.6, but here goes:

    Podpress won’t allow more than five episodes of my podcast to be listed at any one time. If I set the “Show the most recent posts” setting in Podpress to more than six posts, the podcast returns an error in iTunes (cannot connect) and the following error when the feed is tested using Feed Validator:

    XML parsing error: <unknown>:239:72: not well-formed (invalid token)

    I want a user on iTunes to be able to download every episode (there are 79 or so), not just the five most recent ones.

    The address of my podcast is:

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  • Looks like 6 mp3’s in your feed at the moment. You might be testing.

    What kind of setting do you have for # of posts per feed under your WP Admin > Reading options? Have you tried raising that up?

    Are you using any feedburner or feedsmith plugin?

    Try running your feed thru a feed validator

    hope this helps

    I didn’t know about the # of posts per feed under WP Admin > Settings > Reading > “Syndication feeds show the most recent XX posts” option. Boosting that number solved the problem! Thanks for your help.

    Oops! Spoke too soon. Although the feed itself is compiling all the posts I’ve asked it to, it returns an error in iTunes and on the browser I’m using (Firfox 3 for Mac). Also, the following error when run through Feed Validator:

    XML parsing error: <unknown>:268:72: not well-formed (invalid token)

    It does work fine in Google Reader and NetNewsWire for Mac.

    I still need help!

    Shoot. I don’t know how to fix “XML parsing error: not well formed, invalid token”.

    Oftentimes, Feed Validator gives you a better clue what’s wrong and what you should change to fix it. If that’s all it says… you might want to make a new thread asking how to repair your feed when the feed has that error. That’s sort of a separate topic from Podpress. Crosspost a link to your new thread in this thread. I just suggest this because you might attract replies from someone who knows about feed validation errors specifically, regardless of podcasting.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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