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  • My WordPress site uses the PodPress plug in for a podcast I run once a week (with regular blog postings appearing several times a week).

    I currently use Feedburner to manage two feeds, one a subscriber feed (which people can subscribe to via the web site) and the other a feed for the podcast (which is used to send information to iTunes).
    iTunes seems to be stuck at showing just my ten most recent podcasts and this does not seem to be affected by how many posts I say should be syndicated on my WordPress reading settings. (Just as an FYI, I recently had to shrink that setting down because my regular post feed had gotten too large, but iTunes does not seem to be impacted by what this setting is in WordPress – it stays stuck at 10.)

    I have added the parameter ?max-results=200 to the end of my podcast feed, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference either.

    I’ve reached the end of what I can do myself troubleshooting wise. Any thoughts or suggestions out there?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • if i remember, feeds might be able to have a template page similar to category.php or archive.php

    if so, you could try altering the wp query to change the max posts value

    Thanks – My knowledge beyond changing settings via the WP interface is relatively limited so could you give me (or point me towards) more detailed instructions regarding the solution you mentioned?

    You guys do know that there is a setting in the podpress | feed settings page to control this, right? Look for “max. amount of posts per feed:” on the lower right side of the page. The default is 10…


    Ray, I’m sure you were trying to be helpful, but if they knew this setting existed, they would have done it, yeah? Next time, maybe don’t ask if they knew about the thing that would solve their problems. You come off condescending.

    I’ve updated this setting you pointed out, Ray, and iTunes still won’t update the feed.

    If you go into your dashboard – podPress – Feed/iTunes settings – scroll down to the podPress Feeds section, where you can input all of your feed settings. at the very bottom in the right hand corner ( to the left of your iTunes Feed number) is a box called “max amount of posts per feed”. Input 200 in there and hit update. I did this and it worked immediately.

    Hope this helps,

    As I wrote, I didn’t know if you guys were aware of that setting or not. I am still not sure if that is the problem because you said “Ive updated the setting… and iTunes still won’t update the feed.” Then in your next post you referred to that same setting and said it “worked immediately.”

    Was that the issue? If so the OP should mark the thread resolved.

    HTH (Hope this helps),
    Ray (not sarcastic)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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