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    This post is for all of the PodPress’ers out there.

    I just recently installed PodPress plugin at

    Prior to installing the plugin, there were no unusual issues with the blog as it performed admirably.

    However, once the PODPRESS plugin was installed the blog began behaving differenlty in two ways.

    Whenever I wrote a new page, the browser would freeze up for almost 45 seconds. The same is true for when I edited any entry. The page would just freeze. This is in respect to entry posts only. Actual page creating and edits exibited no such hangs.

    Observing the loading of an entry for edit, or observing the loading of a new entry page, one can see that the page is choking on the PODPCASTING section of the page. The puter I am using is an Apple. However I have tried creating and editing entries in 3 other browsers save IE.

    This hang is most irritating because it slows me down immensely.

    I just wondered if others have noticed that PodPress seems to do lock their puters as well.

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  • 4evrblu


    This problem is getting worse. My whole puter locks up for next to a minute while these pages try to load Pocasting and WYSIWYG sections of the new posts and entry edit pages..



    Well, I got lucky and figured out the problem, which is bound to happen to anyone just getting familiar with PodPress.

    The issue was indeed a real one. It was not my imagination. My computer was freezing. It was locking up every time I created a new entry or edited an old one. The problem even seemed to have gotten worse in the last few days.

    I scoured the internet. I posted the problem here. No help was to be found. I was at my wits end.

    So, I removed PodPress to see what would happen and the issue went away. Therefore the issue had to do with PodPress (and if you think you will find support for PodPress you can forget it. You will be lucky if you even get a response in the forums and emailing the creators of PodPress is a worthless waste of time. So Podpress’ers are on their own).

    Having determined the cause I had to find out why PP was doing this. I went into ADMIN and under PP GENERAL SETTINGS I found the culprit. There is an obscure setting for number of entries to edit, about middle of the way down the page. You can enter a numerical value. It is set at a default number, only I cannot remember what that was because…I…CHANGE IT. I have no idea why I changed it, I just did. To 99!

    Just beneath that space is a line of text. It reads “The higher the number, the bigger the performance impact when editing Posts.” Obviously I had no idea what they were talking about, and so little information is given that I doubt many people would understand that this is a warning that PP can crash your PC or APPLE. It can simply lock it up. PP has done a poor job of explaining this and it lead to days and days of frustration. Plus it made my PC heat up like crazy. PP does not even explain what this setting does.

    Sheeesh. The people at PP suck as far as I am concerned. This plugin has value, but it was poorly executed in terms of design and support.

    Anyway, I reset the number to 5 and my issues vanished.

    Problem solved, no thanks to PP administration or PP community.

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