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  • I have a site running WP 2.2.3 and using the PodPress plugin. I have not upgraded WP because of concerns about compatibility. I’m clear that the plugin is not receiving full support anymore and it’s questionable whether/when it will be upgraded to be compatible with current releases of WP. My questions are:

    1) I see that PodPress 8.8.1 “is temporary maintenance release to make podPress compatible with the post revisions feature introduced in WordPress 2.6.” It’s not clear from this description whether it’s working with versions beyond WP 2.6. Does anyone know what the highest version of WP is that this version of PodPress will work with?

    2) If anyone believes that it would be best for me to simply abandon PodPress, what is your suggestion for the most efficient transition to another solution?


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  • I don’t think PodPress works with 2.7+. For your 2.7+ needs I confirmed Podcasting works with 2.8.1 (I couldn’t install it on 2.8.4 for some reason) and Podcasting has a PodPress migration script to smooth over the transition.

    Other than that there is one other Podcasting plugin PowerPress but I don’t think they got any migration tools for PodPress users.

    To Msmeritt, I’m impressed that you’re running WP 2.2 and haven’t been spam attacked yet.

    I used to have PodPress but abandoned it when I upgraded to WP 2.7 earlier this year. I switched to PowerPress, a podcasting plugin from which works with the latest versions of WP. PowerPress was developed specifically to fill the void left by PodPress and it does have a way to import your earlier PodPress episodes into your blog/iTunes/your feed, etc.

    Good luck and definitely consider updating your version of WP very soon because there’s a spam worm going around infecting blogs. One of my blogs running 2.6 got infected yesterday.

    Thanks to both for the suggestion — I am hoping to upgrade soon, indeed!

    I developed PowerPress because I was using PodPress and grew unhappy with it when features started to fail when I upgraded to WordPress 2.5.

    There are two ways you can use PowerPress if you’re coming from PodPress. The quick and painless way is to simply install/enable PowerPress, configure the settings in PowerPress (in particular the “PodPress episodes” option, make sure it is set to “include in Posts and Feeds”) and then disable PodPress.

    After a few weeks/months, if you feel comfortable with PowerPress, there is an import tool which will convert all of your previously created PodPress episodes to ‘enclosures’, which is the native format podcast episodes should be stored as according to WordPress.

    Good to know, thanks. Would you (or anybody else) have any particular thoughts on what would lead one to choose one over the other between the PowerPress and Podcasting plugins?

    Hey msmeritt…

    I can’t go much beyond “Use Powerpress because it’s good” I’m afraid. I used Podcasting for a bit but found Powerpress to have a slightly better feel to it. Can’t really explain to be honest!

    But – I can also tell you I’m still running Podpress on a couple of 2.8.4 installs of WordPress without any problems at the moment. The support is gone so I would (like the others) suggest you switch but it’s working fine for me.

    Hope that helps a little.

    Thanks, indeed.



    Thanks for the overview above, was helpful in my deciding.

    I’ve now just switched from podpress to Powerpress and it was relatively painless. All seems to be working smoothly as well, so no complaints.


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