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  • I have recently installed WordPress 2.1 and I am also running Podpress 7.0. After entering two new posts, the Podpress Player does not show up. However it does show up in the old posts. Podpress works beautifully in the old posts. I have made sure all of the files have been uploaded in both WordPress 2.1 and Podpress 7.0. They are all present and accounted for.
    Does anyone have any ideas

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  • What you have found is a compatibility problem with the plug-in & WP 2.1. I am having the exact same problems. The thing that makes me mad is I am very cautious before I upgrade to make sure that all the plug-ins. I use or on the list of working plug-ins with the new version. PodPress 7.0 was on the list as a working plug. As of yesterday it is still on the compatibility list as a good working plug. Podpress 7.1 has been released a couple days ago, but they’re still are quite a few issues. The support forums for Podpress are very active right now, with the a lot of people upset. It is not very clear to me whether this is mostly caused by the new version WP or not. Some are reporting Podpress 7.1 works just fine WP 2.0.7. And some are downgrading back to that version.

    …with the a lot of people upset.

    I imagine all those people who are upset donated to support Dan’s efforts developing Podpress, right?

    <sarcasm />

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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