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  • With the known problems with the Podpress plugin and the newer versions of WordPress, what are some of the alternatives people are using to still maintain stats and functionality?

    Is there an alternative out there I haven’t seen yet?

    Any word from Dan “mightyseek” about updating his plugin?


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  • I would like to hear about those same questions as well.

    Still really hoping PodPress will update and persevere. PodPress is such a great plugin and really has everything I need for podcasting.

    Also I’m reliant upon Headspace2 and with that enabled Podpress won’t show on single posts.

    The problem is of course, that unless Dan shows up, someone _else_ will need to step up to the plate and fork it.

    But that takes a “real” php programmer.

    Any volunteers?

    What about wordpress implementing all the functionality of podpress into the next version, or having everyone who uses this plug in to start a collection to hire someone to create an update. This really is getting ridiculous, and since we haven’t heard ANYTHING from Dan at Mightyseek (and that his forums are down due to spammers) my guess is that he’s abandoned the plugin and it’s users.

    It’s a shame.

    On the positive note, this allows other plugin developers to step up and take over this vital project. Any ideas?

    Getting back to what Ken asked…

    What are people using as an alternative to PodPress? What’s working for you?

    I just found this:

    I’m probably going to give it a try.

    I see OPPORTUNITY here — geesh… surely someone can offer a commercially priced (even 20-30 bucks) product. The market would eat it up.

    Again, I’m going to install Blubrry and try it out.

    Here’s an excellent patch for Podpress both version 8.8 wnr 8.9

    PodPress in WordPress 2.6

    I’m using Podcasting and it’s fantastic:

    I’ve been running PodPress all along. It still works in the latest WP 2.6+, with a minor tweak (or another plugin. for disabling post revs).

    i’ve written a plugin to do category-casting

    not sure how well it integrates with other plugins. that might be something i worked on, as i’m not intending it to be a full featured podcasting plugin – just a way to populate RSS feeds with various podcast data

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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