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  • Hello!

    I have a photo album of simple desktop photos of what I’ve been doing with podPress (the Word Press podcasting plug-in designed especially for iTunes)–this album containing pics regarding primarily the issue of finding the correct URL–.

    The photo album link is

    These 12 photos, all of which center on the URL issue (all of them pics of the podPress interface displayed on my WordPress dashboard), should make clear what I have been (unsuccesfully!) doing all along.

    Perhaps you, whomever you are, can tell me where I am “going wrong,” if at all (not to express too much hubris–)?

    Thanks, all–.


    PS: My Website is at (I’ve put comments in the Comments section below most of the photos (see above Picasa Web link). The comments offer perhaps some necessary detail, although they are very simple and mostly brief–. :))

    PPS: Please disregard that the comments are addressed to someone named Tim. He was on the podPress user forum.

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  • Thank you for the pictures!
    It looks like you have found the correct URL to the mp3 file. The File URL (picture 5) is the URL which you should insert as the “Location” (in the podPress box below the WP post editor (picture 3)).

    The Permalink (below the title input field see picture 2 or 8) is the URL of the post which will include the media file. It is not URL to the media file. If you want to set a link to the media file somewhere you need to use the File URL (picture 3). The shortlink in picture 12 is also the link to the post and not the media file.

    (picture 8: file size and duration values are looking fine. It is important to fill out both fields correctly. Because otherwise e.g. it might not be possible to listen to the podcast episode via the play button on the page of your podcast in the iTunes client software. But as I said your values are looking fine.)

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