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  1. seek3r
    Posted 10 years ago #


    WordPress is a fantastic Blogging software and it does have some Podcasting support, but its just not setup by default to have all the support a Podcaster would want.

    I searched around and found iPodCatter which is is a good start, for getting the iTunes support, but its just not a fully featured Podcasters pluggin.
    I then found a VERY nice Flash mp3 player that I really liked.

    With these two pluggins a a basis for me to learn how to write a pluggin for WordPress and for the core functionality I wanted, I created PodPress which is intended to be a full blown Podcasters Plugin for WordPress.

    Get it, WordPress, PodPress? Heh, I crack myself up.

    This plugin makes it super easy to manage a podcast within WordPress, and it handles all the iTunes settings and enclosure tag support (the build in support in WordPress is flaky) so this makes it solid.


  2. beautifuloceansblog
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hi seek3r,
    Hi all,

    I use Podpress and it has been amazing. I now upgraded to the latest version (PodPress Version 5.0 (April 18, 2006 ) - and since then, iTunes does not play my podcasts anymore - is there a BUG in Podpress - or do I something wrong???

    Here is what i just posted in the Podpress forum on
    Hi there,

    I have finally manged to do my upgrade to the latest podpress version - in my blog & podcast, everything looks fine, but iTuns won't take my podcasts anymore!!! Any ideas?

    'There was a problem adding [XYZ-FILE] to iTunes. The file might be corrupted or a file type that iTunes cannot play'

    Yet, its the same files that worked with the previous PodPress installation!!!

    My blog: http://blog.beautifuloceans.com/

    Thank you for your help - I need iTunes! (don't we all?...:-)
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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