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  • I’ve got myself quite confused and I know there’s lots of help and information pages out there but would appreciate some human interaction over these issues.

    I run and have made the wordpress generated RSS feed visible to the public by adding the RSS logo at the bottom of my sidebar. I’ve set it to link to a feedburner page which someone on here suggested I do a while back.

    As far as I know, this now enables readers/other sites to subscribe/syndicate to my content, therefore increasing the number of ways people use my site’s content.

    I am now setting up a Podcast and want to know how this will exist on my siTe, in the context that there’s already an RSS feed set up.

    I have created the actual mp3 of the podcast and it’s uploaded to my webspace. To my knowledge, if I simply add a link to the mp3 in a post or on a page, this isn’t technically a podcast as people can’t subscribe to it.

    So, basically, do I need to create a category for my podcasts, so that my wordpress generated rss feed will show posts I add to this category, and people get the podcast by subscribing to the standard Rss?

    Many thanks for your time. I’ll really appreciate any explanation and/or help as it’s a matter of quite urgency.


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  • anyone?


    I’ve never verified if my site is actually “podcasting” as it should be (plus I’m enclosing bittorrent files but that’s another matter) but I think you’re looking for this plugin:

    Load it up, and when you provide a link to an mp3 in your post, SAVE AND CONTINUE EDITING, and then select the mp3 from the Enclosure drop-down box just below the text entry field.

    Allegedly wordpress automatically encloses but it doesn’t seem to work post-2.0 and I never saw an explanation for it. Even if it did work it sounds daft, cuz I hardly want to enclose every link I throw up on my site. Hope this helps.

    if you use feedburner they also have an option for podcasters, i think feedburner automatically generates the podcast or enclosure for you.

    you can also create your own xml/rss file with a podcast enclosure tag

    i also heard ‘WordPattrn’ does all this for you with a click of a button :-/

    Umm, did any of you run a search?

    I think some folks have used audioblog with wordpress for this too. Just use audioblog as a search term for info.

    Thanks for your help.

    I think the main thing I’m seeking clarity on is this:

    If I have a podcast, is that an integrated audio file within my standard content RSS feed?

    Or will I have the standard RSS feed which shows the list of recent posts, as well as a podcast feed which is just a series of audio downloads?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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