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  • Hi all,

    Ok, incredibly frustrated at this point.

    We started podcasting on our WP blog in January. This week we recorded our 4th one. I was going to use PodPress, but it seemed to break 2.7 so we switched to Podcasting. Seemed to be working fine:

    – We set up our Podcasting options
    – Set up a Feedburner feed pointing to our feed on our WP blog
    – Set up our iTunes podcast

    It was all working fine for the last three weeks. Each time we did a new podcast, a few hours later it’d show up on iTunes.

    Well, this week nothing happened. iTunes is reading our feed fine, because if I go through to where I subscribed, the feed shows the 4th episode.

    But our actual page on iTunes hasn’t updated with the new info. I’ve tried everything I can think of. It’s been over 72 hours and still nothing.

    iTunes support recommended the following:

    1) Change the title and link fields of the RSS feed to something other than what they are now.

    2) Resubmit the podcast feed via iTunes.

    3) Once you have successfully submitted the podcast, you can change the title and link fields back to what they were.

    Changing the title was easy of course, but I have no idea how to change the link URL (the link that goes back our blog’s main page). First, I’m not sure what I’d change it to and second, I’m not sure where in all the WP or plugin code I would do that.

    I even tried switching over to the Powerpress plugin to see if that would help, but iTunes still isn’t displaying our podcast page with the updated info (although Powerpress, and tweaking settings in Feedburner, has yielded a ‘cleaner’ feed than what we had with Podcasting).

    I also have another weird problem now, which is that whereas before our WP blog showed two feeds in IE (the blog feed and the podcast feed), now only one feed shows. It’s the blog feed, but it has the title of our podcast feed.


    Does anybody have experience with all of this that could steer us in the right direction?

    Here are the details of our various items:

    Podcast feed (from WP):
    Podcast feed (from Feedburner):
    iTunes URL:

    Ugh…we’re even featured currently in iTunes’ “New & Notable” and were just starting to build momentum.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I just looked at your listing in iTunes, all your episodes that appear in your feed appear in iTunes. Perhaps you just needed to wait until iTunes pulled your feed?

    I’ve noticed with new show listings iTunes is slow to pull feeds. If you manually ping iTunes with the link ( you can sometimes speed things up. If your server supports SSL, you can configure Powerpress to ping iTunes when you publish new posts as well.

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