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  • I am trying to set up my own audio podcast.

    I have no difficulties with doing audio recordings.

    Instead, I cannot figure out how to launch it onto the Internet.

    Specifically, I am using the open source plugin called podPress.

    I cannot figure out how to create the correct URL for the podcast.

    That is, every time I enter my Website’s URL into iTunes, iTunes recognizes the URL, and the square icon for my Website appears along with the correct text of the URL (, but nothing plays when I press the little play arrow/horizontal triangle (in iTunes).

    In short, in all honesty, the above is only the most prominent of problems. Rather, I am almost entirely lost!

    Where do I start?

    Thank you…!

    Matt Bohart

    PS: Any advice and help is most certainly welcome!

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  • Hi Matt,

    the main RSS feed ( as well as the podPress podcast feed ( should contain post with podcast episodes.
    The second one does currently not include posts. One reason for that could be that you have not attached a media file via the podPress box below the WP post editor. Another reason could be that you have activated the file type or category filter on the iTunes/Feed Settings page of podPress, section podPress Feeds.

    Which Feed URL did you register at the iTunes Store? Or which of them have you used in your iTunes client software? Which episode does it show? The episode of the post “It Vs. Everything (Or Everything Vs. It)” (Comedy monologue–kinda)?

    The file in this episode is a .wma file. I’m not sure but I doubt that iTunes is able to play files of that file type. WMA (Windows Media Audio) is a special file type and not all player can handle such files. It would be better if you would convert or record your audio files to .mp3 files (or eventually to .m4a). Mp3 files are more compatible.
    Furthermore it is highly recommendable to fill out the input fields regarding file size and duration. You can find these input fields in the podPress box below the WP post editor. You may use the Auto Detect button to retrieve and fill in these values automatically.

    I think once you will add a media file (e.g. .mp3) with podPress to a post (and fill out the duration input field) this problem with iTunes will vanish.


    Hi Tim.

    Thanks a lot–. 🙂

    I’m reading this right now.

    Thanks for your great answer, Tim. Cleared things up a lot–.

    However, there’s one main part I’m confused about right now. I’ve included the link to a screenshot of the (or my) problem.

    Specifically, in this screenshot I took of podPress’s add-files section (from my Website), there is the term “Location:” after which there is a long white horizontal bar in which to enter this apparent location (located about a third of the way down from the top edge of the screenshot).

    However, I do not know which/what location podPress is referring to–i.e., the location as defined by Windows Explorer in my computer? A URL?

    Dumb question?

    Thanks Tim–. 🙂


    Hi Matt,

    no, there are no dumb questions. You question shows only that the documentation should be better.

    Location means in this case the full URL of a media file. Once you have inserted the URL podPress will try to detect the file type and choose a player or a player preview.
    I recommend that you fill out the file size and the duration too. You may try the auto detection. But it is possible that it does not work in case of the duration.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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