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  • First off, site in question:

    Here’s my problem: We podcast our weekly services. I submitted the RSS feed of the main site to iTunes for the podcast. In order to actually podcast, I simply link the full URL in a post on the home page.

    But, if you go to the iTunes directory and pull up the podcast, it only shows the shows that are linked on the home page and not any of the ones that are archived on the site. Once they are archived, they no longer show up in iTunes.

    I THINK what I should have done is submitted the URL to iTunes for the category called podcasts, that way all the .mp3’s would be included. Now, I need to change the URL in iTunes to the category RSS feed so that all the shows show up in the directory.

    I am absolutely at a loss as to which direction to move in. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I think what you need to do is,
    WP Admin > Options > Reading > Number Of Posts in RSS Feeds…
    increase it from the default of 5, to a large number like 99.

    I also highly recommend the PodPress plugin for help with podcasting, but even with that you still want to expand the # of posts offered in your RSS feed.

    Thanks for the suggestion Dgold. I actually thought about that, but due to the length of some of the posts, the page was just getting ridiculously long before I decreased the page to 5 posts. Not to mention page load time with the videos and pictures we post. I’ll check out the plugin.

    I know there has to be an answer out there somewhere!

    There is an answer. Dgold just gave it to you.

    Look at Options -> Reading. You control posts per PAGE and posts per FEED (under Syndication options on that same page).

    He suggested changing the number of posts for Syndication.

    Ohhh! I’m an idiot. Sorry…and thanks for the suggestion Dgold and the clarification HandySolo. Didn’t understand that there was an option for posts in syndication!

    But…It was formerly set to 10, which to me would indicate that the 10 most recent shows would show in the iTunes directory, and currently only the last 3 are showing up. Any ideas there? I changed the number to 99 btw. We’ll see if anything changes.

    Thanks again guys.

    I just unsubsribed and resubscribed in iTunes and all the shows showed up. Only the first three show up in the directory, though. Guess that’s out of my control.

    One more question: Any idea why I’m getting these weird characters: “| | –2006.10.22–Do I Have Something In My Eye?!” in my descriptions in iTunes?

    Glad that cleared up ^^ I forgot to say it’s called Syndication.

    Not sure about your descriptions but it’s another thing you can control a bit easier using PodPress.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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