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  • Virtually every blog post on my site,, contains one or more audio files, nearly all of which are not podcasts. Actual podcasts will appear only on posts of a certain category (such as “podcasts”).

    But when I activate Powerpress, a podcast player automatically appears at the top of every post, with the audio file for that page automatically loaded down in the podcast tab.

    I don’t want this to happen. I only want the podcast player to appear when I instruct it to appear (while creating a post), or else to appear only for one category of posts.

    How do I get this to happen?

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  • Just to restate: When I enable Powerpress, a podcast player automatically appears on all my old posts that contain audio. I don’t want that to happen, because those are not podcasts. I only want the podcast player to appear on new posts that I will categorize as podcasts.

    Plugin Support Shawn Thorpe


    By default (even without PowerPress), WordPress adds any media file you link to in a blog post to your RSS feed with an enclosure tag, essentially making it into a podcast. But when you add PowerPress, that functionality within WordPress is disabled so the only media file(s) that should show up as podcasts are those that are entered into the Podcast Episode box. Were these media file links put into your posts before or after you activated PowerPress? How many posts would you say are affected by this problem?

    Shawn: Unfortunately, my site is audio-centric, so I have LOTS (perhaps 50 or so?) of blog posts containing audio, going back quite a number of months, well before I installed Powerpress.

    When I enable Powerpress, it automatically adds the url of the first audio file (in those olds posts) to the podcast episode box. It sounds like that isn’t supposed to happen, that I should instead be required to add the url manually.

    Any ideas as to how I can get it to behave properly? I’m using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes.

    Here’s my site:

    It would be a great annoyance to have to go to all those old posts and remove the podcast by enabling the remove checkbox in the episode box.

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    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    Hello @langelliott,

    Do you have access to phpmyadmin and are you familiar with how to run SQL queries? Assuming you did not start your podcast yet, we can completely wipe out all of the enclosures or exclude the ones that you’ve created into a podcast already.

    p.s. Another question.

    If we fiddle with the php, can we also insure that I can publish a podcast post that refers to a recording hosted by Blubrry, while also including additional recordings in the post description? Or will this not be possible because it will mess up the RSS feed of the “description” portion of the podcast? I suppose that if including additional recordings in a podcast post is important to me, I should perhaps not use Powerpress and instead publish the podcast entirely via the Blubrry website.

    Am I thinking about this correctly?

    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    When you install PowerPress, powerpress by default disables this “auto add media” feature.

    In addition, you can re-enable this behavior but with more pin-point accuracy if you wanted. Go to the Episodes tab under PowerPress Settings, near the bottom there is an option to auto add media and you can pick between the first media URL in the blog post or the last one (in case you paste multiple media URLs into a new post). PowerPress turns this behavior off by default because many users did not know WordPress automatically converts a media URL into a podcast.

    I think in your case you want to leave this off, that way you do not have to worry which order you put media links in your blog posts, that only the one you enter in the episode box is your actual podcast episode.

    Thanks Angelo … that is good to know! So it appears that it is okay for me to include additional audio files in a post that features a podcast, and that doing so will not mess up my RSS feed.

    OK, so now I want to return to the php issue, and how to activate Powerpress without it influending my 100+ posts that already contain audio. See your note above where you ask if I can access php Admin, plus my note just before it which elicited your question. Apparently, my reponse to that note didn’t get published, so here is my answer again:

    Yes, I can access PHP Admin, but I’m not a webmaster and have never performed an SQL query (although I’m willing to learn or else hire someone to do it for me). So what needs to be changed in order to prevent Powerpress from automatically making podcasts from all my earlier posts?

    Note: it looks like all I have to do is get into PHP Admin, click the SQL tab, paste-in the query, and hit Go to execute it. Right? So, if you supply the query, I could easily execute it. Right?

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    Angelo: I’m still awaiting instructions concerning the SQL query issue.

    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    Hello @langelliott,

    Sorry for the delay!

    The following query will delete all of your podcast episodes, so please only use this if you have not created new episodes yet.

    DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` LIKE 'enclosure'

    Alternatively, you can delete each episode manually. To do so, run the following query. The results will display options including delete for every row. Simply delete the rows that you do not want to keep.

    SELECT * FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` LIKE 'enclosure'

    Note: Your database tables may have a different prefix than wp_. If your table prefix is different, simply modify the query before executing it with the correct prefix.

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    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    Sorry for the multiple edits of my last reply, took me a few tries to figure out how to escape the ` in a code block. For those who wonder the solution, I used the HTML entity `

    Thanks so much Angelo! I’ll try this as soon as I return from my holiday vacation.

    Angelo: I was just getting ready to do the PHP Admin query, but then something occurred to me. Even though this will remove podcasts from previous audio posts, what happens if I ever deactivate and then reactivate Powerpress? Won’t it immediately create podcasts for all posts containing audio, just like it did before?

    As you know, there are many reasons to deactivate plugins, the big one being to troubleshoot problems. So I’d say it will likely occur down the road. Once I’ve published a number of podcasts, the problem I’ve described would hard to resolve, other than going through all “non podcast” audio posts and disabling the Powerpress player manually. That could mean manually tweaking well over 200 posts, not something I ever want to do.

    Is it possible that you guys will provide a fix on your end by modifying your plugin so that it absolutely will not create podcasts from old audio posts?

    Am I the only one who has had this problem? And do you think it’s theme related, or is it a bug in the plugin?

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    Just wondering when I might get an answer to my above post?

    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    Hello @langelliott,

    Sorry for the delay. I have been struggling with trying to re-word an answer. I think I have a way to explain the situation so you can understand that this is just default behavior that PowerPress fixes, but you can tell PowerPress to “unfix” to restore the default WordPress behavior where this behavior is improved. There are three scenarios:

    1. WordPress without PowerPress: Every time you link to a media file in your blog posts, WordPress will save those media URLs as episode enclosures.

    2. WordPress with PowerPress, defaults configured: Every time you link to media in your blog posts, nothing happens. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT

    3. WordPress with PowerPress, auto add media configured: Every time you link to a media file in your blog posts, either the very first or very last (which ever option you select) media url in the blog post will be automatically save that media URs as the episode enclosure.

    Technically this is not a bug but a behavior that changes based on what you have setup.

    As far as the problem coming back, I will give you two scenarios to consider which will help you decide if the problem for you will come back or not…

    1. If you are updating plugins and disable PowerPress, then it is possible that within that window of time someone edits a blog post with media URLs linked, WordPress will re-add those as episode enclosures. For plugin updates this will be very rare as usually WordPress puts itself into maintenance mode so this kind of problem cannot happen.

    2. If you disable PowerPress for 3 days, then any blog post that is edited within that time frame that has media URLs in the posts will recreate episode enclosures.

    To permanently fix the scenario you describe, the problem needs to be fixed within WordPress itself. If the risks involved are too high for you, then I would ask that you leave a comment in the WordPress trac ticket that refers to the problem:

    We do not hear podcasters complain about this problem who use our plugin because by default. If PowerPress is disabled is it possible for occurrence, definitely but you would have to be diagnosing a problem while someone else is podcasting on your site. More than likely if you are doing diagnosing and disabling plugins, you would tell your users to not use the blog during that time frame that way they are not missing functionality that are accustomed to.

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