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  • Trying to transfer a podcast over from an older site. My podcast episodes alternate from audio to video.

    My first test was with audio (.m4a):

    My second test was with video (.m4v):

    The video plays, but the audio does not. In fact, an audio player never even shows up. I know I’m using the correct source URL of my audio, because if I put it in my address bar, it downloads.

    I’m using Chrome & Safari to test it, and I “kind of read somewhere” that sometimes in certain browsers, this plugin will use an “HTML5 version” of the player.

    Well, this isn’t an HTML5 version of anything. It’s showing a black line instead of the player and it’s never playing the audio, in both Safari and Chrome.

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  • Plugin Author ntm


    The default player setting of podPress is that it will use the HTML5 elements to embed media files if it discovers that the browser is capable of interpreting these HTML5 elements. If browser has such capability, it does not need plugins to player certain media file. That is the point of the HTML5 <audio> and <video> element.

    But for instance if you use Ubuntu or other Linux distribution you would need to install manually certain codec packages to give the browser the capability play e.g. .mp3 and .m4a files. This has something to do with the licenses of the file types.

    What is the operating system on your computer/device?

    If the default podPress setting is noct working for you, you may deactivate the option “Use HTML5 tags:” on the player settings page.
    If you do that podPress will embed the media files the old fashioned way. This way the browser would use always a 3rd party browser plugin to play the media file and podPress would show in case of m4a and m4v files only a placeholder image. Only when a user clicks on such a placeholder the browser would load the plugin and show the real player (which might look different compared to the placeholder image).



    I’m using OSX 10.8,3 as my operating system.

    I had my site set up to use the place holder image, so that the user would have to click “play” before the audio file would start. Even with “Use HTML5 tags” on, there would be no player, only a black line and the audio would never play.

    When I de-selected the option “Use HTML5 tags” in order to force the use of the flash player, it still would only show a black line and the audio would not play.

    The video episodes would play fine, however. I tested these in both Chrome and Safari.

    Again, my goal is to create a podcast that show both .m4a and .m4v files, and will work seamlessly on computers and mobile devices, whether flash is installed or not. However, no matter which options I select, I cannot get any time of a player to show for my .m4a files, either on my computer or mobile device.

    Any help you can pass my way would be great. Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author ntm


    It is possible that the frame around the play element was to small, so that you could not see the play button and the other elements which are typically for an audio player. In this case one could solve the problem by adjusting the CSS definitions a little bit. I would help you with these modification. But It would be necessary for me to see an example post (the link to the post with the audio episode is not working).

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