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    I have two episodes of a podcast online now ( For some reason, show #2, when played on-site, plays at superspeed, but it plays fine downloaded, or when acquired via iTunes.

    Any ideas why this would be? And how to fix it?


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  • Am I in the right place for this issue?

    I had the same problem using the dewplayer some times ago.
    It was an encoding problem. You must encode your files at 44100 (or 22050 if you don’t care about quality). If you don’t, it will play at high speed.




    I am already at 44100 and maintain the superspeed as well. any other ideas? i won’t budge from that sample rate, so i’ll stick it out until it works properly…


    The “chipmunk” effect seems to always be a sample rate. What if you try encoding the file with another program and adjust to the highest bitrate on that file? I have seen a few MP3’s I have created not work with one program and do with another. Strange stuff, but maybe worth a try? !





    this is a know issue when playing mp3 files using shockwave flash esp onepixled out player. You MP3 files must be encoded at bit rates divisible by 11025.

    so 11025, 22050, 44100 should work, and you must be CBR (constant bit rate).
    This is discussed here :

    not a podpress issue but a encoding issue with your mp3 files.

    We should consider this RESOLVED.

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