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    My sermons page correctly shows the series image where a sermon is linked to a series, otherwise it displays the default image. So far, so good.

    However, on the podcast feed all sermons show links to the default image.

    Is there something I haven’t set up correctly?


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  • Without seeing your site/feed, we can only guess.

    I’m not familiar with feeds, so I took a look at our church’s sermon feed ( and compare it to yours. We have what you are trying to do. So I’ll explain how we do it, so maybe this well help you.

    Each sermon has its own Sermon Image (Featured Image). We use PowerPoint to display the outline on the screen. After the service, I grab the PowerPoint and the audio. At home, I convert the PowerPoint to a PDF to use as the Sermon Notes. I use the “PDF Image Generator” plugin to generate the Sermon Image. If there is a new Series, I create the image and add that to the series (Sermons > Series).

    I just did a test. I created a sermon post that included a series (Sermons > Series), but didn’t add a Sermon Image and checked the feed. It shows the default image (not the Series Image).

    So looks like you will need to add the Sermon Image if you want to show the podcast feed.


    Thanks for your feedback. I added the post type to the end of the URL as in your feed, but it made no difference – but I think I was confirming what you already said.

    I was hoping not to have to add the image to each sermon, just another step to forget. I’ll have a dig around in the code to see if I can find anything obvious.


    Found it – there’s an option on the Podcast setting page, ‘Fallback to series image if sermon does not have its own image’.
    The default for this id ‘unchecked. Ticking it gave me the correct behaviour.

    In our case, we use the Default Image as the Sermon Image if there is no image and plain forgot about that settings in the Podcast section.

    Glad you found it and thanks for the update.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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