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  • OK, I have tried everything! I want to do a podcast. I thought this would be simple but I have tried for hours and I simply do not understand. I have read tutorials and everything. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

    I have a site for our church called
    I thought I could host the podcast through that.
    How can I do that? Can I not because it’s not a blog?
    I have sermons uploaded in the “Listen” area (they are mp3s).
    I uploaded podpress so that is on my dashboard. (I don’t understand the “feed” stuff…)
    I want to put some of our Pastor’s sermons on itunes as a podcast.
    Can anyone help or tell me what I need to do? I need simple instructions…that anyone could understand.

    I appreciate any help! THanks!

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  • Please look in the FAQ section for the answer to the question “How can I add podcast episodes with podPress?”. It contains links to forum threads where the basic procedure has been explained before.

    Can I not because it’s not a blog?

    podPress is a plugin for WordPress. If the web site is based on WordPress then it should be possible to install podPress and to make a podcast. But the main principle of podPress is that one adds one (or maybe more) media file to a (blog) post. The result of that is one more RSS (or ATOM) feeds with post with (at least) one media file.
    It is technically possible to attach multiple media files to one page. But I can not recommend that because it would very likely lead to performance problems of the page the more podcast episodes one would add. More importantly the episodes would not appear in the feeds.

    podPress is only for attaching media files to posts and has no possibility to upload media files.

    podPress adds the podcasts to the posts in the default feeds but it offers also the possibility to add additional feeds to your blog which will contain only posts with podcast episodes.
    You can customise all these feeds on the Feed/iTunes Settings page of podPress. See this page to get an overview which settings influence what in the iTunes client software.

    You may also use category feeds for your podcasts you can customise those feeds via Posts > Categories > Edit Category.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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